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May 10, 2009
Don't Smoke by *roweig
A humorous take on the concept.
Featured by IreneLangholm
Suggested by FaMz
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Don't Smoke

Art direction and photomanipulation for a brazilian weekly magazine. I chose the model looking for this rare corporal expression. And I was wishing that the model could be invisible at the first looking. Then I changed the colors of his clothes. After this I designed the new shadows and background.
I used three photos made by Alex Soletto, a respected photographer in Brazil.

Alex is my copartner with this and with other works. "Don't Smoke" was published on the cover page of Istoé Magazine some years ago. We were working together at "Editora 3" publisher at that time.

Together, we win the Esso's Prize of Journalism - Magazine Category. The work was named "UMA NAÇÃO EM PÂNICO": [link] the official page of the Prize.
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Damn man I love this so much 
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Please accept submission of this piece to:
It will make a great addition to our group gallery.
Make sure You visit us, best regards! :D
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Congratulation on the DD!
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putz cara que bacana ver essa imagem, lembro-me que a vi em um tutorial na revista Publish, se nao me engano a mais de dez anos atraz, na época eu era apenas um estudante de artes graficas... hehe.
Não conhecia seu trabalho ainda, mas pelo pouco que vi gostei muito, meus parabéns!
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Just amazing...:)
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fkra simple awe wgmda aweeeeeeeeeeeeee good luck m7mad :)
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wow, this is GOOD! lol
If only if only :p
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nice work
just posted here [link]
please feel free to submit more of your work here
Keep Hunting
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Thank you very much for feature! Great site!
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this is AMAZING.
O: O: O:
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Tá muito bom , muito bom :D
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Just amazing...
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Makes (also made) me glad I never had gone near to smoking. It made me because my grandmother nearly died last year from lung cancer which she got from smoking. But she survived and stopped smoking. But my grandfather still smokes ...
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LOL. Among all the different anti-smoking ads I've come across, this has to be the most humorous.
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What a masterpiece. I didn't see this when I chose the one I used in my Valentines feature. I was in a hurry to get that out.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this. I just came back in from my afternoon walk. I was trying to find a cigarette butt with these colors.

I had the idea of using it as the torso of a body for a collage, mixed media. I just starting trying to make these.

My idea was simple. This is so over the top, well done. No wonder you got a DD, and all the other prestige and recognition for it.
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Thank you very much for the feature!
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