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30% off of EVERYTHING in my etsy, including my large original paintings and my art dolls, as well as a few other ventures into crafting like necklaces and fairy wings!! Sale will only last from the 17th to the 31st!!
20% off all my originals and prints tomorrow through Cyber Monday!! Get them while you can and please support me!
Important question on my newest piece:  What do you feel defines my style? What has drawn you to my art? Answer either on the piece or here. Thanks!
Guys! Guys! I have an Etsy now! If you want to buy originals or art dolls, go there! I also have a redbubble if you want prints, and a Patreon if you just want to support me! All links will be included in the "about me" section of my DA https://www.e...

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If I was to hold a lovelove contest like :iconakuaoioni...

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  • Depends upon the character.

Would any of you be interested in a character list of m...

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