The Long and Winding Road

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Hey guys! It's been a bit too long since I've updated. Mostly cause I know a lot of people don't read journals as much. Still, I think it's important to roadmap and point out the important landmarks on my journey thus far.

Last we updated, I had just finished Winterfaire, and we had car troubles. Let's begin there.

We got a new car. It's newer, and much more reliable. There were some... Issues at first due to my own cluelessness, but it's been really good for taking me to and from conventions. Plus roomy enough to carry all my supplies without a problem! 

We moved to a new place... Same city. Our attempts to move closer to home didn't quite work out. Now we are just kinda waiting for my husband to get the point that he can get a new job in the area we want to go, so we can afford to rent a place. It's like being in a hole where cost of living here is low, but so is the wage, so it's hard to get out of it. ADULTING. IT HAPPENS.

I hit three conventions, two in February and one at the end of July. I am now paneling at a lot of these events and teaching workshops, so even if I don't make a lot of money I can count it as a networking event. My next biggest one is in August where I am going to Anthro Weekend Utah, my first ever Furry convention. It means I need to branch out my brand since I've been sitting pretty on the whole fairytale storybook side of my work. But hey! That's good with me.

I've picked up a side hustle on top of my main hustle. And that is selling used clothes. Anyone who knows me personally knows that there are two things that I am passionate about: Art and fashion. To the point that I almost went into costume design in college, except that would mean having to take theatre and my anxious bum did NOT want that. 
Anyways, in an attempt to make ends meet on rent one of the months, I started selling my old clothes and it's become a bit of an ordeal. I now have a full store with very romantic, shabby chic, and mori kei themed clothes, both on Poshmark and recently one on Depop as well. It's. Been interesting because I always wanted to do SOMETHING with fashion in one way or another. This has kind of made a happy medium of it all, and has supplied funds to feed my clothing addiction haha!…

Insofar I have made three shoulder wyrms and gained that many orders for more. For the quetzal I wasn't even able to upload it before it was claimed. While it's. Really flattering, it's also very anxiousmaking. Like??? I am succeeding?? At something?? And people like it??? More than that, the expectation to make more is a little overwhelming. But I have put plans in place to help streamline the process. There have been a couple of kinks in the road though.

Family tragedy struck last week, and it's kind of laid me flat on my back. Depression and anxiety, as anyone who knows me knows, is a battle I fight. But my last major depressive stint was in December where I couldn't function properly through Christmas. I picked up again and sometimes you know, you forget how bad it can get. This one in particular has been coming like rolling waves. I will feel fine, and motivated, then it takes me all day to do basic tasks and the desire to sleep is overwhelming. This has been a setback on my work schedule, and I have to be careful not to run into the toilet flush effect where I beat myself up and get anxious over not working which leads to more depression and... Yeah. It happens. 

The other thing is I have other responsibilities to attend to. I've been teaching more workshops and have been teaching weekly art classes from my home. I have streamlined those a bit where I am not fretting the small stuff in my plans as much anymore, and I am trusted enough with my clients and the establishment I hold my workshops in to do a good job so I don't have to kill myself over the details. Also, the other issue with focusing on the dragons means I have less time to paint, and I'm not wanting to let that side of me go. The balancing act is real and always a struggle.

I am now a published cover artist!! I was hired by Immortal Works Publishing Co. to do a young adult cover for the author, Bryce Beattie (Which, in an ironic turn of events, I attended a panel with him about artists working with writers just before I got the job). The book is called "Once Upon and Through The Mountains" and can be found here!!…

That's all for now! What's been happening on your guys's ends? 
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Ooohh girl you GRAB life by the horns! Congratulations to you guys on all these recent successes, from the career milestones to the new digs! You may not yet be in the city you want, but you're attracting opportunities left and right. They'll eventually take you where you want to go. :hug: I'm happy to hear about the increased interest in your clothes, crafts, and classes. This is so cool, you must be marketing in all the right places! Don't forget to take breaks, and to give yourself breathing room when projects become overwhelming. Being a jack-of-all-trades certainly is a balancing act haha... but once you get your groove, you get it.

I'm sorry to hear about the recent happening within your family. I hope everything's alright and that you all find healing soon. Sending you lots of warm wishes, always always. :heart: