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So I survived the Summer of Hell where I had four events nearly back to back. I expected to face burnout but I was surprised by just how BAD it got!! It didn't help that there were other life changes that took place exactly at the same time as well as some emergencies. For one, the transmission died in the car, trapping me four hours away from home. All my con money ended up going to the expensive repairs, and I wasn't sure when I would get home. But eventually I did, just to have a good friend of mine who has faced extremely difficult times move in about a week later. Add some serious family struggles and mental-shifts and you've got a recipe for depression. It's been difficult getting back on the boat of work and I've had bursts of creativity here and there with periods of struggling and slogging through even the simplest of projects. I'm doing my best to be patient and kind with myself, but it's not easy. Thanks for being patient with me as I figure it out!

I now have an official website!! This is the place to go to see my current projects and a full list of my social media! Check it out here: www.rowannorthillustrations.or…

I have been continuing to do a loooot of tabletop stuff with my friend Ravvyn on her channel on Twitch (, as well as Tales off the Table on their Tuesday show. ( I am also finishing up Grimm! There's two episodes left! I'm going to be working on getting all the art together in a book  (There's over 100 illustrations i've done for it! Check them out here: www.rowannorthillustrations.or… ) and will announce it when I make the project live on either indiegogo or kickstarter.  I'm still working on balancing my schedule out so some of these things are taking longer. w@
Honestly I didn't expect to end up whole hog in the professional gaming circuit, but here I am! I've had to back off a LOT, else I would have easily had a game every single day. I've been talking to players about my next campaign already, though I will DEFINITELY be taking a much needed break between the end of The Forest of Renown and the beginning of the new campaign.

I am also working hard on branding! I've made my own logo, website, and working on new banners and business cards. I am also seeing about doing a professional photoshoot to get better photos of myself for marketing. These changes will be coming slowly, and I'm doing my best to get it all together. We're slowly but surely moving forward!!


December 6-8
Winterfaire 2019

Will be a vendor! Come check me out! 

February 13-15, 2020
LTUE: Life, The Universe, & Everything Symposium for Fantasy and Sci-fi writers and artists.
Waiting for details. 

Contact info: 

Rowan North
Rowan North's Illustrations
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Looking at my comment back in May, I feel some irony: irons in the fire, burnout. 2019 was a year of fire for you wasn't it? ;; I'm sorry to hear so many things fell on you at once. Oh that must have been so overwhelming, but hopefully the worst is passed so you can more clearly see the road ahead of you. Sometimes a year tests our patience and will. But you stuck to your guns despite it all, and that shows how dedicated you are to this career you're forging. 

Sending you lots of hugs and warm wishes, Rowan. Here's to hoping 2020 is a little gentler on all of us, especially you. :hug:
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"Irons in the fire"-- what an awesome analogy! I need to start using this phrase instead of "worth it in the end" or "no pain no gain". On that note I've heard that con runs can leave you pretty achey and tired, so you treat yourself gently during the upcoming season. I'm happy you're finally finding a balance between work and fun, you definitely deserve that. :heart:

Thanks for the links by the way! Do you have any plans to use twitter? I've heard it's a very effective site for con-based artists!