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OW: So High Above the Moon

By RowanNorth
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Whew! It's been a little while since I've worked with straight colored pencils. And boy, this drawing took a long time.

Liling again, the runaway Asian Lung princess. She left for political reasons and asked her bodyguard Heishan to not follow her.
Eventually he grew lonely, not knowing what to do without his princess. So months after her initial disappearance, he followed.

What is interesting about these two is that we tried to make them complete opposites of each other. Liling tiny and beautiful, Heishan hulking and huge. They follow the concept of Yin and Yang, although technically Yang is supposed to be the girl and Yin is supposed to be the guy, but I didn't do enough research!

They are supposed to be on some cathedral/castle here. It was hard to show it without a picture reference, but I just drew from my memory of architecture.

Heishan (c) :iconakuaoioni:
Liling is mine~
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jdfgb Nithaku do forgive me for being so late with this comment ;3; This piece I've been admiring for months now and I just jdhbfgb I'm a procrastinator and I'm so sorry.

I can't even say how much I love this~ The composition is just lovely, I always love when you add in scenery because you position the characters so well they just blend in c: Man, all those feathery waves from their tails are lovely~ And Liling's nails. Oh man. Perfection~ I'm really glad I made up Heishan as a compliment to her. They work so well together and they're so ironic, with Liling being the one with the sharper tongue XD

Keep up all the lovely work in the new year Nithaku~ I know you'll continue to impress me c':
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This picture makes me think of the Book of Revelation. =p