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MCA: Dark Come Soon

By RowanNorth
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This is my entry for the conditions to make a proposal for [link] on :iconmcadoptables:

I started this last night before the fireworks, finished it just a few minutes ago :U This is what I spent the entire morning on.

This proved difficult, not because I lacked blue but all my blue markers are either dried up or drying up so everything I did ended up all streaky. It took a lot of extra effort to blend the colors the way I did.

I started with prismacolor markers for the pocket kissa and the background, then did a blue watercolor wash over it. After that, I added detail in with colored pencil, did more watercolor for the pixelly part, the butterfly on the kissa's face, and the ripples in the water; used acrylic paint to splatter the stars on, used white opaque ink for details on the eye/fur and other places, used white colored pencil to make everything seem glowy and finally touched things up with the markers again.

The only problem is the original kissa is darker in color and I lacked the proper color of marker to achieve that, so I went with lighter instead. Welp~

And when will I do a drawing without a butterfly hidden somewhere in it? The world may never know.

Pocket kissas (c) :iconbudgie:

The WIP picture: [link]
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I love the kitty. He/she is adorable.

<- Cat lover.
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I'm fucked.
This is the best of the lot, Nithakuuuu~
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This comment made me laugh for some reasonnnn

Oh Aku I love you~ <3
And you're just biased haha~
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no srsly have you seen the other entries?
they all look like derp compared to this
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There are a couple that are hnnnng amazing but yeah, a lot of them are kind of... .3.
Of course this one is my favorite, hands-down~
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oh man bby it's so kawaii
I love the symmetry, don't you?
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It's so proportionate.
Those proportions man
How do they do it?
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idk do you think they just... vomit all over the page and it works out like that? >:'O
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