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EP: Temperance

By RowanNorth
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The Temperance "archangel" in Heaven's dominion; Chi and Gabriel. They share the role both for irony's sake and due to the Dominion not being able to agree.

Chi has been VERY overdue for a reboot; he's probably one of the only major EP characters I haven't redrawn since some time last year.

I've been meaning on doing a group picture with him and Gabriel too; since they have the most interesting relationship. They are the very thin line between friends and enemies. Which makes them strangely perfect for the role of Temperance.

Done in colored pencil on hot press watercolor paper.

Ling, Shen Chi (On the left)
Height: 5'6"
Age: 19
Birthday: March 27th
Zodiac: Aeries
Blood type: O
Additional: Angel
Relationship Status: Engaged to Alharia Reid

Chi was a prideful, "holier than thou" angel from the renown Ling house; a part of heaven's dominion that was in charge of justice in heaven. He was the heir to the judgement seat, but his grandfather was concerned that with an attitude like that, he'd be more likely to end up skewered by someone who wouldn't put up with him.
He first visited the EP mansion while trying to see what Michael saw in the place; the notorious "halfway house" for demons and angels and humans alike. He automatically was disliked by its residents due to his snarky attitude and how he would look down on everyone there. When they told him to leave, he didn't like that much and in order to get a point across, he kidnapped a small angel named Song.
After getting into a fight with Song's "big brother", a vampire named Take; he accidentally stabbed Song when she got in the way of his finishing blow. Horrified, he left.

His fiance, a crippled angel named Narim met Gabriel shortly after and fell in love with him. Chi visited the house again to discuss wedding plans and caught her and Gabriel kissing. Enraged, he attacked Gabriel who defended himself. In order to stop Gabriel from getting hurt, Narim moved her arm in the way of Chi's attack and was injured. Michael told Chi to leave, and said he was not welcome to come back.

Chi returned months later to discuss business with Michael, but did not come alone. A "dragon" that grew from his pride had followed him; and was getting more and more dangerous. Eventually Chi realized it was there and faced it, almost being swallowed alive, but in the end he killed it.
After the former Temperance archangel was killed by the demon James, a replacement was needed. The Dominion couldn't decide between the gentle Gabriel and the prideful Chi, and so eventually chose both to share the seat. This came as an unwelcome surprise to both; hard feelings still running strong after the argument over Narim. They finally agreed to both take up the job (although reluctant) and were promoted to archangel. Being in this job and having to deal with Gabriel on a daily basis eventually "wore him down", and Chi became a slightly more pleasant person to be around.
Around this same time, he met Alharia and quickly fell in love with her. He offered to marry her and she agreed; although he still from time to time regrets not being with Narim.

Chi Ling (c) me
Gabriel (c) ~AkuAoiOni
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Chi :u You are the most beautiful asshole I've ever seen- *shotshotshot*

Pfft and he's younger than Alharia |D

I do very much like the composition, and the techniques you keep using are always so lovely. I SEE THAT BUTTERFLY *SHOTSHOTSHUTUPAYA*

Opposites always make for the most interesting pictures, and I do very much like how detailed your backgrounds get. I am so jelly :'I Your style is quite unique and I love seeing the new things you come up with. c: <3

I should try backgrounds. I am so lazy |D
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Curse you maria and your one word comments that do not sum up this beautyyyy *shakes fists*
I'm very much impressed by this one c: Your facial expressions improve all the time. I'm loving Gabriel's here (oh but that's because he's my baby durrhurr :U) but Chi's too, he looks so unimpressed, rather than plain angry as he was before~
Also loving the wing poses, Chi's all spread out and prideful there while Gabriel is withdrawn. <3 It's a lovely touch.
That dragon in the background is just phwooooaaaaaar. <3 I love it. It's so vivid~ <3 Oh goodness I could ramble on and on about everything in this. It's all just so beautiful~

Also I realised this as typing... It's funny that Gabriel and Chi's relationship has actually ended up getting better over time due to a woman. After all, had Gabriel not met Narim then none of this would have happened. And yet... Bagriel and Hic's relationship has gone to fuck because of a woman XD They really are compliments. Whether this was intentional or not it's still pretty funny XD
Man I want to do a companion piece to this with our resident death gods now. Avkdfbhv I'll stop rambling now.
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XDDD She just types it up to get first comment really- *Shot*
Oh b'awww thank you Aku <3 I keep on trying to practice more and more on facial expressions. It's interesting because I think after developing this new style, I can manage to make them more expressive than before! And yessss, Chi has definitely changed some. I didn't want him to look too angry at all. XD
The swirly pattern I used for their wings are similar to that too; Chi's is ornate and kind of flashy while Gabriel's is simple.
Well I was thinking, since I did a dragon in Jun's picture, I should do a dragon in Chi's. But Chi killed his dragon so... WHY NOT DRAW A DEAD DRAGON? 8D

Oh it's true. Gabriel might just still be a messenger serving under the Ling household. It was after all the attention drawn to him after Chi flipped out that caused the dominion to consider him to be an archangel. And oh man that is true, I didn't even realize that part pfff. BAGRIEL AND HIC ARE THE BEST OPPOSITES TO CHI AND GABRIEL. IT IS THEM XD
Oh man do ittttt I would love to see what you come up with! And Aku I love you and your ramblings. <33
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