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Cold as Ice

By RowanNorth
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More Neopets stuff.

It's been a few months and I haven't stopped yet. Which just might be a new level of SAD.

I basically got on, did a complete clean out and spent a lot of money/time customizing and painting these babies.

Now, they are just wonderful. So much that I made a side account to continue to customize and make Neopets and designs and customize, etc. etc.

The only thing I wish is that there were decent RPers I could use as guinea pigs to flesh out these characters even more. That's what I wish with MCadoptables too.

I adore making Giginkas. I love making people who look like animals as much as I love drawing the fluffy little things. This was a good study for pose practice and face practice as well.

This is also the first thing with a background I have done in months.

Neopets (c) TNT
Faegra is mine.
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Okay can I just say this is incredibly gorgeous? Because it is.
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Awww thank you Huba! c:
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Very cool picture! You did a really good job on the pose and I like the coloring style.

I definitely agree it's very frustrating finding good Neo RPers. Let me know if you ever want to roleplay :)
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I think it's really well-done! I love the colors!

Good job, cousin. :)
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I haven't role played with you in forever, and I may be slight rusty, if that's even possible to be a rusty RPer. But we should totally RP sometime.
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Oooh definitely sometime. It's been way too long! Heck, it's been a while since we last hung out.
TETRAtheFROG's avatar
Yeah it has. When are you usually on nowadays? And do you have a gmail or a specific web page you want to RP?
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I usually just use Meebo to RP. I find it pretty nice, and no need to download any extra equpment or anything.
TETRAtheFROG's avatar
I can't say I've ever heard of that.
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Meebo is another MSN substitute.
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Nice picture. I havent roleplayed in a while but if you are ever interested my username is the same as this one.
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Oh, that's good to know. c: My username is ianna311
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