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Bubblegum B!tch

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"I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out
Cause that's what Young Love is all about
So pull me closer, and kiss me hard
I'm gonna pop your Bubblegum Heart"
-Bubblegum B!tch by Marina and the Diamonds.

I have exciting news! Those who have followed me for a while know the character in this piece is the main character in the book I want to write. Well there's no more "wanting" about it. I pitched it to a publisher and they gave me a year! Project Little Red Copperhead is a GO! 

Done with watercolor, watercolor markers, and colored pencils on midtone paper with minor digital edits. 

Want a print? Check it out here:…

Want the original? Check it out here:

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Yooooooo this is such awesome news, congratulations Rowan! To put yourself out there takes a lot of courage, and you must have had a solid pitch for it to be picked up by a publisher. It's been a few months since you shared this news with us; I hope that writing is going well so far! I'm so excited to someday finally read Red Copperhead. =D