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Character Flaw Reference Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Flaw Reference Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 1,308 65 Character Fear Reference Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Fear Reference Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 954 22 Character Motivation Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Motivation Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 786 15 Common Character Habits by AnikaandAj Common Character Habits :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 761 10
The Amazing Dialogue Guide
If you're reading this, then chances are you will be using dialogue at some point in your story. Good for you. Dialogue is important. It should be there to save you when description doesn't work. The following are some tips for awesome dialogue.
Tip One: Know your characters.
Before anything comes out of your character's mouth, you need to have an understanding of the character as a whole. This will influence how he or she talks and interacts with others.
Some good questions to answer are:
-Where is your character from?This can mean the difference between your character calling a carbonated beverage "soda" or "pop". Your character's origin can also influence how he or she says a word ("pahk" vs. "park" or "pin" vs. "pen"). Dialect is very important. If you can, try and research speech patterns of the area where your character is from.
-What is your character's social/ educational status?This is important to know because this is the basis for your character's vocabu
:iconjazeki:Jazeki 309 60
Anybody Can Write a Novel - Introduction
Introduction to the New Tutorial
Anybody Can Write a Novel Version 2.0
Chapter 1 “Beginning to Write” – Section 1 “Introduction”

(Next Tutorial)

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.”―Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Within the many styles of martial arts, there are powerful moves unique to each—whether it be footwork, punching, blocking, kicking, or the countless weapon styles among them. Yet none is o
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 247 26
.:Character Creation Guide:.
Creating Your Character
 Focus on personality and interests when making your character and those are the categories that should have the most information because they describe who this person is at a specific point in time, or how they develop over time.
 Try to avoid listing standard things about your character that are super predictable or could describe just about anyone. Add details that show character depth and set them apart from the other characters out there. Certain ones you may want to make more memorable than others.
 Don’t throw too many diverse things into your character. If your character is all over the place, they will easily lose their identity to the reader. Try to focus on a few main interests or skills for your character to highlight.
 Your character should seem as if they could be a real person, no matter the world. They should have a personality easily understood by the reader that allows the reader to
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 381 182
.:Things Stories Are Missing:.
Expand your creativity!
• REALISM: A lot of stories tend to seem shallow and as I elaborate in this guide more, I’m sure you’ll see why. People tend to like to throw something together without putting the actual depth into it to make it great. This has nothing to do with rushing or time spent on the story at all—it has to do with people’s writing styles at the most basic level. Be aware of the phrases you’re using and what they imply. Don’t just settle for a phrase that’s been used before a million times. Add your own unique spin on it. If you’re trying to show the different moods of your story, use words in such a way that they make the reader think a bit more and imply deeper messages.
• LITTLE THINGS: Small unique details regarding your setting or characters or their emotions will definitely strike the reader in some way, usually in a good way. For example if I say, in the hospital, “Wenn is wearing an orange
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 122 64
.:Character Introductions:.
This guide is for the intent of getting across a clear idea of the major characters in a story. Obviously minor characters aren’t usually important enough to warrant an intentionally descriptive introduction, but the important characters that the reader is supposed to give their attention to are definitely worthy of a valid description. If we’re going to keep seeing them over and over in the book, we want to know who they are, and what they look like.
I’ve created this because I wanted to address something I’ve seen in some writings all over the place, not limited to a certain genre or type of text. Whether it’s a summary, fanfiction, original story, or published work. Lots of books fail to introduce a clear concept of the character in the beginning, or at all. Obviously you shouldn’t stop the action of a big battle to talk about a characters’ looks, but even afterwards, late is better than never.
Now, I get that some people want to leave their
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 65 16
Acrostic Haiku - New Form
Sunny days,
Palpable by all,
Run amok
In the end,
Nature is dry and
Gaia is salt
I have created an extremely difficult variation of the haiku.  Yes,  some will not like it, but I assure you: this is no walk in the park.  Like the regular Haiku, this form also incorporates the 3-5-3 or the 5-7-5 syllable rule. However - to add a wonderful twist - I've blended the form of poetry known as Acrostic to the mix. In the past,  I've found that the Acrostic form of poetry is one of the most easy forms of poetry to take on, so I decided that I wanted to make it a little harder.  I think I've succeeded in that venture.
Continuing with the rules of the Acrostic Haiku, you must realize that only words that consist of 3, 6, 9, 12, etc letters can be used in this form. If you use say an 8 letter word, your last haiku/stanza will not be complete, because you'll end up with a 3-5 or a 5-7 instead of t
:iconmattiello:Mattiello 41 131
Flashbulb Poetry - How To Write
       There are a lot of different types of poetry out there like the villanelle, free verse, blank verse, haiku, and many more, but in my opinion I see none that focus on imagery alone. Sometimes imagery is detail. Imagery can represent a plethora of words, and that imagery also represents an abundance of emotions. In prose, it takes quite a long time to write down the actions of an individual and include what they think, how they feel, the surrounding environment, and more. The strength of the writer of prose is determined by how well the writer defines the experience of the reader through the methods used by the writer. In poetry, I would like to think that the strength of the writer is determined by how well the poet is able to combine both set and qualitative type - terms that will be discussed further in this article that help to explain Flashbulb Poetry.
       Recently, I came up with an exciting type of poetry that idolizes th
:iconmattiello:Mattiello 4 0
10 Tips for Novel Writers
1. Don’t Find Time, Make It. Too many authors think that they will “find” the time to write sometime today or this week or next month. But think about it: when was the last time you said, “Hey, look! I just found a twenty fifth hour in my jacket pocket!” You know how many hours there are in a day, so stop fooling yourself. If you’re going to have time to write, you need to make time to write. Whether you set aside the same hour every day or use those few minutes you have between classes, make sure you’re devoting that time entirely to your writing, not sharing it with your favourite reality tv show. Writing during commercial breaks cuts your time by at least two thirds—imagine what more you could have written had you been able to focus your time and energy.
2. Have A Backup Plan. In this age of technology, the traditional pen and paper routine has been flung quite far out the window. It is rare that anyone will write a novel by hand
:iconatrue:ATrue 316 139
100 Themes - CLICHES
This 100 Theme Challenge is about taking old cliches and twisting them to write something unique and intriguing. These can be inspiration for any type of literature: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, scripts, etc.
The list of cliches below was compiled mostly by scrolling through our own deviantART poetry gallery. It's appaling to see how many cliches are still being used in their original form with no effort given to making them new or interesting! The struggle for a lot of writers, I think, is that they make the cliche too much a focal point of their writing, rather than using it simply for inspiration or relatability.
I want to say this to all the writers out there who desire to be better: You can make a piece accessible without making it cliche.
If you choose to use this list, the cliches themselves are only your jumping off point. If you're writing a poem, you may decide to focus on the image evoked by the cliche and write something that surprises the reader. For a
:iconatrue:ATrue 243 23
20 Themes Challenge: Story Tellers
1. Floating Life
2. Nightmare Train
3. Will Of The Heart
4. Requiem
5. Sequoia
6. Dancing Mad
7. All Over Me
8. What's So Different?
9. Sun In The Night
10. Blow Away
11. Swamped
12. We Need A Resolution
13. Tomorrow Comes Today
14. Hit The Floor
15. Pieces
16. I Can Be
17. New York Minute
18. Lost In Your Words
19. And Love Said No
20. Before I'm Dead
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 198 69
20 Themes Challenge: Epic Tales Of Fun
1. Circle Around
2. Parking Lot
3. Strawberry Blonde
4. Security Pass
5. Arching Up
6. Careful Thought
7. New Direction
8. Late Morning
9. Master Bedroom
10. Dead On Arrival
11. On The Internet
12. Try Your Best
13. Easy Steps
14. Stupid Tourists
15. Grim Line
16. Wrong Century
17. Sharp Tug
19. New Tournament
20. Popular Demand
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 173 9
20 Theme Challenge: Pure And Utter Madness
1. Go Home, You’re Drunk!
2. Make Them Come To You
3. I’d Date Myself
4. Mouth Explosion
5. I Could Never See Myself
6. Shotgun Wedding
7. Don’t Drink The Punch
8. In God’s Hands
9. They Don’t Belong Together
10. Elephant In The Room
11. What’s There To Understand?
12. Naked Mud Wrestling
13. Human Stupidity At Its Finest
14. Off The Rails
15. Your Choices Make Your Future
16. Does It Bother You?
17. Beam Me Up!
18. Evil Twin Syndrome
19. Accidental Taxi Service
20. Delicious Hypocrisy
:iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 119 18


Nightside of Eden by Solkku Nightside of Eden :iconsolkku:Solkku 1,437 745 Life is gone by ssilence Life is gone :iconssilence:ssilence 5,514 816



Brandi ~ Groovygal
United States
Current Residence: Gresham, Oregon USA
Favourite genre of music: Angry chick music, today anyway
Favourite photographer: ANNIE LEIBOVITZ!
Favourite style of art: The kind you can see
Operating System: No comment
MP3 player of choice: The cheapest
Shell of choice: Conch :)
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that sticks
Skin of choice: As long as it has skin, I am game
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie
Personal Quote: Ummm.....Brendan Fraser is not a poof, he is a GOD!!
I have not submitted anything in FOREVER!! I have been slammed with just being a stay at home mom to my two wonderful girls as the world swirls around me, keeping me safe in my own little vortex.  I've not had any time for my art journaling but I am  playing around with acrylic paint and canvases.  I'm trying to teach myself the basics of abstract painting and I am having fun with it.  I just wish I could get the paint and brush to do what I want.  I need a good brush tutorial and some help with blending.  I may post some of my canvases just to get some good advice.  Visit my stock account :iconrowaneagle-stock:
  • Listening to: VAST
  • Reading: Anne Lamott!!!! She ROCKS!!
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: With Photoshop
  • Eating: Nothing, damn diets.
  • Drinking: Crystal Light


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