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February 2, 2004
Rovastar's R4 Update Pack v1.0 by ~rovastar is the very first submission to DeviantArt's brand-new R4 section. The standalone visualization-software allows high-quality renders, reacting to whatever music you're listening to, independent from the musicplayer used. This deviation gives an impressive introduction to the power of R4. Enjoy!
Featured by yathosho

Rovastar's R4 Update Pack v1.0

A collection of Scenes, Faders, Overlays, Watermorphs and Pointmorphs to enhance teh R4 experience.

50 + scenes/overlays/faders


Drop feedback here folks. :)
© 2004 - 2021 rovastar
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Nightshade054's avatar
There Is No Way I Can Do That
evildriver's avatar
R4 work with Foobar?
rawhewnstone's avatar
This shit here absolutely kicks ass! Absolutely!
aaaw my gawd! £200 for R4!? thats like $400!!!

then i think i prefer winamp's AVS as its free...

aaaw my gawd again...
Shmithers's avatar
R4 is free....
I don't remember how it was back then, but that's more than 2 years ago.
dijimucks's avatar
it seems to be a nice toy:)
if only r4 had a control console and a visualisation'd probably be a wonderfull effect on the scene of live VJing
michaelbarton22's avatar
Have to say Love R4 but i'll always be an AVS head
MentalHazard's avatar
Dude that rocks:!::!:
jaw's avatar
so far so good :)

r4 is using the technology available and isn't shutting out the possibility to port it to other operating systems (macOS anyone?) , i like that.

however r4's visuals are one of the few effects (this is very unusual) that made me feel really sick - motion-sickness,
mostly because it chooses to represent music by moving the timeline in increments to the music in most visuals..

not sure about your packs rovastar - i didn't find a convenient way to change between different scenes without having the menu in my face, but i'd personally prefer the visual itself reacting to music rather than the camera.. :)
well, you can do it with the camera as well, but then make it feel like the music is pushing you forward instead of you standing still and being hit by the music which makes you move a little bit.. this goes for most tunnel effects that i saw, and all things when stuff move - they don't move unless they get music. or maybe it's just me not used to this ;)

No real decent way atm to change the scenes. This is more of an expansion pack of R4 features to show what can be done. And too many to be pushed in the distrubtion install. Variety is the spice of life.

Personally I feel that the whole scene moving to the music is the current state of play with visualizations.

Since MilkDrop came and my work with that the 'whole screen' moving to the music is now more of a standard. And from the extensive feedback from MilKDrop what people like and expect now. I find with there is not teh movement of teh camera too it limited and old-fashioned. BUt true more movement can be needed for the actual objects too.

My preception of visualizations, and others too, has change from the 3 years since MilkDrop came out. It was the first I show where the whole screen moved to the music and had very obviously interaction with the sounds rather than teh basic G-Force/Geiss waveform movement.

Maybe I am just used to it after like 3 years. *shrug*

Without sounding like a flame to the AVS'er's out there 'What is the point of having a visualization that doesn't move to the music'. I thought it was the defacto standard now of new vises.

BTW Keep up the good work on voviod Jaw. We are still waiting for a winamp version btw. :);)
jaw's avatar
actually, we've been working on something similar to this R4 and visualjockey sort of.. perhaps in our style i guess...

our current visualizations (for VSX) takes too long to develop plus, other people can't design stuff very well on the fly..
we'll see, i hope to have something for hardcore people to play with soon..
we want a dialogue with people so we want people to mess with it as soon as it's usable at all to see if we're going in the right direction...
jaw's avatar
to clarify one thing, the effects themselves look very nice, it's just the way they move that disturbs me :)
ackza's avatar
uhhhhhhhh nevermind
deathndesires's avatar
independant from my music player..... visualization.... i gotta see... ^^ dl time! hope this doesnt take long o-o
indians's avatar
Congratulations on the DD. Impressive work.
MhikoRiyo's avatar
oohh... 'tis making me dizzy! :dizzy: :boing:
TheOriginalJoker's avatar
Ooo, very interesting. Checker board always pulls me in... the designs on the sides of the cube are clever, as well as the colors =D The color surrounding the block looks almost like rippling water. Very nice job :) :+fav:
yathosho's avatar
wow, good stuff. i like r4 more and more :)
kaeyana's avatar
Wow. I like how the rainbow curves around the cube. It looks like it's just flowing off from the center. Reminds me of a Rubix cube. ^^
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