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So is Ruby smol or are the cookies massive
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Ozpin took out a plate of cookies
and Ruby ate it
Recovered 100 HP
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Ruby's Adrenaline rush over Cookies!
C is for Cookie metal
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somebody call Cookie Monster?
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that's too freaking cute! >w<
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It’s funny, she’d most likely extort the fuck out of you guys 
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So pure must protect
Ruby: *chu*
Ozpin: Can I take her home Glynda? Please, please, pretty please?!
Glynda: *sigh* I'll fill out the admission form.
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RIP me

Cause of death

Cuteness overload
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cookies... i like cookies.
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cookie monster: you got that right. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!!!
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i swear to god you are trying to kill me with cuteness
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so adorable~ <3
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In short it was established early on in RWBY that Ruby herself loves chocolate chip cookies and can down a plate all by herself in the matter of a few minutes. Many fans thoguht she was very cute during that.
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In A Matter Of Seconds
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This picture is too cute! Love 
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