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Arpg: Like fate
Humans were weird creatures, but also in a weird way, interesting. That was one kukuri dove’s thoughts as she hid in a forest and looked at a caravan traveling alongside the road. She was called as Baileys, and with her deep, black eyes she scanned through the traveling caravans. Lots of kukuris who wore leather and metal armors, and that alone looks intriguing. But with them traveled also all sort of humanoid creatures of many shapes and colors. They had large carriages, but she couldn’t say what they were carrying with them.
Baileys moved in a forest a little bit, to see more the leading line of the caravan. The people and kukuris there seemed important. She could practically see the proud aura around them, and she heard their words carrying all the way to the back of the line. They were shouting words of encouragement and orders, they were the leaders.  Baileys noticed a large prairie kukuri there, a rook with impressive moose antlers as his crown. He was enchanting
:iconroutart:RoutArt 3 2
Summary of Art 2018 by RoutArt Summary of Art 2018 :iconroutart:RoutArt 4 4
Arpg: Visit to world between universes
The home forest of Juhannus and Hohto was as grim as always. The high trees rose up, reaching the skies so high that they covered the natural light with their leaves. Despite that, Hohto liked to try see glimpses of the dreamy blue ceiling called as sky. Some days, the younger prairie rook could easily spend hours just laying on the large tree roots and have his eyes searching for a glimpse of the peaceful blue. Or the soft looking white puffs of clouds! Today was one of those days, where he spent all his time just laying around and looking high to the treetops.
Sometimes life could get bit boring in their forest. Even his mentor kukuri, Juhannus, was napping alongside him. Or at least trying, since Juhannus was so loyal to Guardian and the mission the spirit had given for these two kukuris, that he wasn’t able to rest very well. Juhannus was always alert and ready to defend their forest from ill-mannered intruders. Neither of the Kukuri’s had seen their spirit master today
:iconroutart:RoutArt 1 0
Don't anger the cornered Ninetails by RoutArt Don't anger the cornered Ninetails :iconroutart:RoutArt 15 2 Not your usual familymeeting by RoutArt Not your usual familymeeting :iconroutart:RoutArt 7 4 Time to RIOT by RoutArt Time to RIOT :iconroutart:RoutArt 27 8 We go where the wind guides us by RoutArt We go where the wind guides us :iconroutart:RoutArt 29 8 Arpg: Illuminated night by RoutArt Arpg: Illuminated night :iconroutart:RoutArt 11 4
CoL: Second chance
The cruelsome arena fight was still going on, and the Carnival of Life was on it's fifth week. Gradually the fights have gone weirder and more worrying as the dangerous contamination had surprised everybody with it's new appearance. All the veteran arena fighters had caught the infection and even some poor participants had got it. Even some people and kukuris in the audience too! But the fights were still going on, as the arrangers were worried how the Goddess Life would react if the Carneval wouldn't be finished. Many of the audience had left, but there were still some brave devoted ones cheering for the poor participants who faced the zombie like arena veterans.
It had been four weeks since prairie rook Karsimus had been on the arena. It was the first week when he was defeated by the common kukuri dove Crusian. The defeat had left physical wounds on him, but the emotional wounds were deeper. He was disappointed in himself, as he had tried to give all he had in that fight. He had trie
:iconroutart:RoutArt 1 1
CoL: Unfair fight
The third week of the almost scandalious Carnival of Life had started, and things started to look weird.
Pimeiä, a nervous kukuri dove who was waiting for her fighting turn on the shadows of the arena, was listening to the increasing worry and panic in the voices around her. Other fighters were talking about the veteran fighters, there was apparently something wrong with them? Pimeia didn’t see anything, as every time a fighter came out, all the others hurried to see them. Pimi could only hear terrified voices as the fighters saw the wounds and damages the others had got, and what Pimi heard was scary. She heard words like contamination, shrooms… That was enough to scare her. She wanted to back away from this fight, but she wasn’t allowed. Everywhere around her there was other fighters pushing her back, blocking all the exits. She had no choice but to shake where she stood, knees wobbling and tears already pushing on her eyes as she waited nervously for her turn.
:iconroutart:RoutArt 2 1
Bunch of Prairies by RoutArt Bunch of Prairies :iconroutart:RoutArt 13 7
Arpg: Don't underestimate me
The glorious Carnival of Life was finally here!
Ophelie, a certain pearl dove, had come to celebrate this event honoring their dear Goddess Life. She was a kukuri who honored and worshipped both of the Goddess sisters, even Life who was very contradictory personality. She wasn’t going to judge the Goddess just because her other sister was deemed “kinder”.
Ophelie had attended the Carnival from the very beginning, observing the fights from the audience. She was a quiet figure in the middle of screaming kukuris and humanoids, because she wanted to learn the fighter’s ways. She wanted to learn their movements and methods of fighting, as she was going to enter the arena as well.
It happened on the week two. She felt like she had seen enough of those brutal fights to learn the best methods and ways to survive with as less damage as possible. So on the early morning, she went to the base of the arena to sign up for today’s fight. The persons responsible about re
:iconroutart:RoutArt 1 1
Arpg: Keeping you warm by RoutArt Arpg: Keeping you warm :iconroutart:RoutArt 12 11
Arpg: I'll carry you
A storm was approaching. Dark clouds hovered behind the treetops and wind was growing stronger. It was a weather which drove most of the kukuris away to the security of their nests, but not this one amber dove. It was Lily, going through the grey forest, looking like she was the only living thing in a painting of all grey. She was on a hurry, as she had a meeting and she wanted to get there before the storm. She was afraid to be late already, as she had to take a detour. A bridge on her way had been collapsed, and it had taken her lots of time to find another way around.
Lily was on her way to meet her newest friend. It was an exciting new friendship, and thinking about it made butterflies fly in her stomach. It was with a prairie kukuri rook, and a knight even! They had met when Lily had just happened to be there when the traveling knight’s camp had settled down close to her home. She had gotten curious, and carefully had went to meet some of the kukuris there. This prairie rook
:iconroutart:RoutArt 2 3
CoL: Stand up for yourself
Today was the worst possible day in the history of Karsimus’ worst possible days.  
He had awakened to seemingly rather normal day. The same old stall in local law force’s kukuri training grounds, with the same old nasty hays and bars in front of window. He had wondered what his caretaker and handler, that one human woman called Yoanna, would come up with today. Yet he could never have guessed it to be pure hell like it ended up being!
He was given breakfast and fresh water to drink, and Yoanna had approached him. They had slowly been practicing on building trust, and as Karsimus had noticed that this human never wanted to hurt him, he had slowly started to form some sort of trust to this human. Yoanna had brushed his coat, and man that was the best part of the morning honestly. It was like the small bonding moment between this wild kukuri and the human who tamed him. At least is trying to.
The first out of ordinary thing on that day was the fact, that he was moved fro
:iconroutart:RoutArt 2 1




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm Asta/RoutArt/Routamaa/Routahine/J.A

24 years old thing living near the Arctic Circle.

Art school background, working part time as a graphic designer. Atm studying tourism.

Art blog:
My Refsheet (work in progress)

Hey lovelies! This January I've been a full one year in kukuris, and from that 12 months I've been happily working 9 months as an admin. I want to thank all the wonderful people of Kukuri arpg with holding a personal humble little raffle! Thank you to wonderful admin team for accepting me and being patient with me, and thank you lovely members for making this such an amazing arpg group! <3

 Let's hope this brand new year brings us all lots of good fortune and happiness!
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silver bullet Enter by commenting something you look forward from year 2019! silver bullet 
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Raffle ends in 19.1. at 12:00 (GMT+2)

rainbow heart 2 Genos:rainbow heart 2 

Sylvia 043 x Ukko 5694

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Hooded Crimson with Viper
Regular ears, Moose horns
Diurnal, Omnivore

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Collared Amber
Droop ears, Short horns
Crepuscular, Omnivore

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy 
Smoked Amber with Blanket and Underbelly
Folded Ears, Kirin Horn
Silken Tail
Crepuscular, Omnivore
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Eggo baby

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Smoked Ringed Hazel with Dun and Hood
High ears, Curved horns
Nocturnal, Carnivore
Donated by my dear amazing friend KebabPekoniRulla !
She was the one who originally introduced me to kukuris, and managed to get me my first precious child Kivutar 4863,
AND got me to apply for admin position. <3
Enter here for Albino girl

rainbow heart 2 Slots:rainbow heart 2 

Queen's Death 4193 by Kuku-ri
PhenotypeIridescent Raven with Underbelly and Siamese
Ears: small ears
Horns: short horns
Tail: fuzzy tail
Donated by my wonderful dear friend Crashfurs !
Kebab introduced us when I joined the arpg, and I'd say we became good friends very quickly.
Now it feels like we've known each other longer! <3
Enter here for 1x slot to dom iri girl Queen's Death

Satsuma 5027 by Kuku-ri
Rank: Zeta
Genotype: aa/Ee/nPld/nSk/nFl
Phenotype: Piebald Hazel with Skunk and Flank
Ears: Lynx
Horns: Curved
Mutations: Whiskers
Enter here for 1x slot to Pie girl Satsuma

Hohto 5686 by Kuku-ri
Rank: None yet, in uploads to become zeta
Genotype: Aa/ee/nLu
Phenotype: Luminescent Crimson
Feather type: Regular
Ears: High ears
Horns: Small horns
Enter here for 1 x slot to Lumi prairie Hohto

Ukko 5694 by Kuku-ri
Rank: Delta
Genotype: aa/ee/Xx/nSm/nTw/nVr
Phenotype: Smoked Raven with Tailwind and Viper
Feather type: Regular
Ears: Lynx ears
Horns: Moose horns
Enter here for 1 x slot to Knight prairie Ukko

Caelei 5292 by Kuku-ri
Rank: Delta
Genotype: Aa/Ee/Xx/nCo/nSm/nDa/nFl
Phenotype: Collared Smoked Azure with Dalmatian and Flank
Ears: Folded
Horns: Devil
Enter here for 1 x slot to blue sunshine Caelei

Koh-i-Noor 5238 by Kuku-ri
Rank: Zeta
Phenotype: Ribbed Hazel with Blanket and Piebald
Feather type: Regular
Ears: Folded
Horns: Curved
Tail: Fuzzy
Enter here for 1 x slot to rib girl Koh-i-noor



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