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My tribute - Scyther can't fly

By rounindx
My tribute to a comic strip that I found these days here on DA.

Original: [link]

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Whoo Spearow fuck yeah! 
SuperRiceBoi's avatar
That Spearow is a champ.
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3,000th fave! 😄 This is great!!!
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That's so good! La la la la 
PJOiceman's avatar
Ian: woo!!!! Pidgee -bleep- yeah!!!!!
Aldark's avatar
the artist used profanity. was it really necessary for you to bleep yours out? XD
PJOiceman's avatar
Yes because I'm parodying the Pokemon in real life series by smosh 
VoidDragon76's avatar
pokemon logic makes no sense
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Did you make this? Because i saw it when i look up funny scyther
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Yes, I make this, five years ago. It is a remake from a comic strip that I found here in 2010. [link] Made in MS Paint.

But the person who created this comic is in MS paint is MonkeyinCloset from 4chan. I never found the original on 4chan cache.

My remake was
 copied by thousands blogs and sites since 2010. Some kept the original link or credits.
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I found a ton off people copyrighting you on tumblr. Just to let you know.
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No problem, I never won one penny for this comic strip. Nintendo copyrights.

I made an updated version here:
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How is dis copyrightz? -3-
Tons of peeplz get money for drawing scyther and making a poster of it and making people pay for prints. °^°
kingofthings7929's avatar
Gary Oak you Magnificent Bastard...
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