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I've wasted my break playing Gurumin, and I have to say it is one of the most fun games I have ever played.

I have a few commissions and gifts I'm going to do next, I just wanted to practice some lineless art before I attempt doing something for someone else.

What is Gurumin?

Parin (c) Falcom/Mastiff
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Looks really interesting, as it has no lineart :)
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Cute, don't much care for the face though, but I love your chibis like this. xD
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The eyes look so amazing, and I love the details in the shine of the goggles, and also how it's like a cut-out paper style, yet it's detailed and colored, like the hair and such. The pose and angle is lovely, too! :D :w00t: I'ma proud of u. You're so awesome. :3
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Using a drill as a weapon has to be one of the coolest ideas ever. Also I love the shine thing you gave the drill (I can't think of what its called sue me)
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This is awesome!
Great job!
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Here I am to critique!!!

Homigawd!!!111 That iz lyke so kawaii!!!!

Haha! But seriously, it's cute but I can't really distinguish the mouth and the drill seems somewhat out of place with it's smudged style because everything else in the work is fairly clear and sharply painted.

And rawr rawr, technical skillz and movement!!! Haha. You owe me $5 and if you do not comply you had better prepare yourself for a CAP TO BE PROPELLED INTO YOUR POSTERIOR!!!!
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Aww, she looks adorable! :love:

I might have to rent this someday! :D
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It's awsome! I really like her hair.
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thanks! It was fun :D
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wut she gonna do wit dat drill? :B
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Nice, I'm not much of a gamer, but I may have to pick this up someday...
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same here, I don't get to play games that often. Especially adventure games (I stick to RPG usually, it's a lot easier. click-burron etc etc) but this is surpringly fun and isn't that hard (on normal mode) for us non-frequent-gamers. :D
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I'm becoming more and more intrigued the more I hear about this from you...:D
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She's got a little drill! ^_^
This looks pretty cool. I dunno, I'm not much of a PC gamer.. and I won't give Sony a second look. ^_^'
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Thankies :3

That's too bad. You should really give it a chance if ever given the opportunity :)
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Once PS2s get really cheap I might get one.. and then I'll get Rockman DASH 1 and 2 ^_^
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oowow heheh thats really cute :heart: i just love how this came out hun
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thanks a bunch!
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