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Requested by kawaii876 [link]
Couldn't think of a background for this one, hope this is isn't too crude for anyone.
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If you'll forgive the mention, the tail placement is a bit off. It looks like it's coming from ... ah, somewhere else, rather than extending from her back.
RouletteObsidian's avatar're not the first one to point that out >_<
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sorry the bonbonXlrya is bothering me gosh i HATE that couple
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I'm not a fan of shipping myself, I just threw that in as a joke.
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i like her reaction, but does she really have a forked tongue like a serpent, cause that'd be really cool.
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The serpent tongue is purely for comedic purposes.
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that's a tongue i thought that was a ribbon or something
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Yeah, it does look a bit on the small side.
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Oh dear, she's mad. :(
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Shipping is serious business my friend.
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Very serious indeed.
that wonderful pony is totally beautiful :+favlove: :D :3
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Wow, very nice! :D All of the elements (shading, expression, slightly enlarged head, etc) really work!

Only couple of things I can come up with to suggest improvements is maybe some brighter highlights on the eyes and tongue (since they should be damp).

But yeah, great job!
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Thanks, the enlarged head was totally unintentional at first, but after realizing it half way through the picture's development I thought It added to the comedic value.
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omg this is so cute :iconomgsocuteplz:
d-do you still take pony requests?
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Not 'till january, sorry.
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:iconcraiplz: c-could you maybe send me a note when you open them?
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It says on my page the exact day.
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Oh god I laughed xD
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