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Trivelin Stormcrow II

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Trivelin is the jester to Hecate, three faced goddess of crossroads, magic, and the underworld. He is a moody and capricious minion of mischief and his presence always heralds chaotic revelry, possibly sinister, occasionally whimsical, but always bizarre.  

Model, Mask, Claws, and Character Design by me
Sewing by Lauren and Colleen
Special thanks to JaynTracy, and Nikki
Photography by Erik Campbell
Editing be me

Featured at Netherworld Haunted House 
Inspired by Brom

The costume features a custom handmade silicone half mask in the style of a Venetian mask. Trifaccia (three faced) masks depicting comedy, tragedy, and rage are a classical style, though traditionally made from papier mache. The two false, sculpted eyes are painted gloss black, so when combined with the black sclera contact lenses, create an unsettling and confusing illusion. The center mouth opens and moves with the mouth of the wearer. The cowl contains a wire that holds the hood open and stationary, allowing the wearer to rotate their head and present one of the false faces, further obfuscating which face is the "real" face. The claws are hand machined aluminum.
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