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Steampunk Sonic Screwdriver

This is my take on the classic Doctor Who prop, the sonic screwdriver.

I machined it from a solid brass cylinder and carved the handle from an octagonal block of walnut. The only parts which were not made from scratch are the screws, knobs, and the threaded rod which runs through the middle of the handle.

Tools used: metal lathe, milling machine, files, taps, wood lathe, chisels, sandpaper, steel wool.
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This is so totally what Eight’s sonic should’ve looked like. 

It looks great! Could totally see it in the show.
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Just stumbled upon this, and it is freaking awesome! Tom Baker was my Doctor growing up. Looking forward to going through your gallery. (Steampunk rules!)
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For some reason, I can imagine the 8th Doctor using this. Again, I don't know why... :I
I love the look of it, though.
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This is amazing!
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I'm wanting to make my own sonic one day 
That is a thing of beauty. Love the old school Tom Baker styled top. Bravo!
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That is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen. Are they available to buy yet?
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wow this is amazing I love this!! You are super super talented and creative!!! 
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My design for the new sonic screwdriver for the 12th Doctor... made it with blender... hope you like it, and if you like it.. please share it
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That... is...  

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Hey, it finally has a wood setting.
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You know if  you add gears and motors you could make it spin? I never saw Dr. Who so I don't know what it dose.
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that looks so cool!
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I know this is a pretty intense request but can you PLEASE make me one of these. I love the 4th doctor and am compeltely obsessed wiht steampunk. i am willing to pay whatever it costs. email me at
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This would be an amazing screwdriver to have
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This is so AWESOME

Do you sell these or know where you can buy steampunk sonic screwdrivers?
Any sketches From When You Built It? This Is Quite Pritty
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wish i could buy it
Love it! Excellent work
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Wow, this is SO awesome!
This would have gone well with 8's TARDIS interior.
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