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Pattern For Lace-making

pattern for lace-making
for photoshop cs6, and png files, and Ai files, and Illustrator cs 6 -5 -4,
tutorials in the preview jpg
Free, for any purpose
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Fantastic! Thank you SO much!
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Fabulous work Roula,  Thankyou :)
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Perfect ! exactly what i needed !!! thanks so much ! will post when work is finished <3
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спасибо большое!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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those work for photoshop cs3 too ;)
Thank You for making those - will be usefull in future :D
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thank you how wonderful
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Thank you for the Lovely Patterns do you have a style to go with this to make the lace realistic? I have CS6  can you help me please and thank you
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NO ....... my dear friend,,, I have nothing specific .......... improvise here, on how to use the pattern as lace ......... You too can draw border measure ,,, and be filled with the patterns, and paint with blending options in photoshop...............thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Darn your work is so very lovely, I am searching for an embroidered style, I have no idea how to create it as you have in the preview :/
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This is a wonderful resource! Thank you so much! I'm still working on papers but I have to take the plunge and post something can't put it off much longer :( I'm too much of a perfectionist.
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and i really need laces :O_o:!
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