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FR: Silver Lining :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 0
It was always a bad sign when Jody started writing on the walls.
Usually it meant she was off her meds.  Sometimes it meant they just weren't strong enough.
Occasionally it meant that the Timmens were back.
Jody's walls were usually spotless.  She always used pencil, a small mercy for whoever cleaned up after her.  She never let spiders nest in the corners, and flies avoided her room altogether.  Even when the Timmens weren't there, the flies were afraid.
Jody kept many different colors of pencil.  When she wrote, her pristine white walls became a strange kaleidoscope.  The orderlies would halt in their tracks, staring at the riot boxing in the tiny floor.  Sometimes they would murmur to each other, picking out patterns in the lines.  Doctors to other patients would come to peer at the spectacle.
The walls were never photographed.
When Jody ran out of pencils, she would stand in the precise center of the ro
:iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 1
FR: Moment of Reflection
  “So let me get this straight,” said McCoy, frowning at the three people in front of him.  “You're telling me that there's another universe, just like ours, but over a hundred years in the future, and Nero came from there.”
  “That is correct, Doctor,” said Spock.  It was the first time he'd spoken all evening; he had mostly listened, head bowed, seeming more than usually detached.
  “. . .right.  And some old Spock came from there too, and he used to be the Emperor.”
  “You got it, Bones.”  Kirk smiled.  He'd been doing all the explaining.  To hear him talk, everything was perfectly logical and obvious.
  “Okay.  So there's this future-emperor-Spock, and our Spock ripped his soul out and knows everything he knew, so now we can take over the Empire.”  McCoy snorted.  “And you actuall
:iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 1
FR: Distortion
  “You can talk to me, you know.”
  Uhura crossed Spock's quarters, sitting on the bed beside him.  He was lying on his side, nearly fetal, and did not react as she touched his hair.  “You don't have to suffer in silence.”
  His voice was distant.  “I am not suffering.  I am merely recovering.”
  She frowned and lay down, lightly trailing her fingers along his shoulder.  “You don't have to lie to me, Spock.  I won't tell anyone about your 'weakness.'”  She kissed the back of his neck.  “Honestly, I expected it sooner.  It's only natural to grieve over the death of your planet-”
  He rolled over abruptly, capturing her hand.  “This is not about Vulcan.”
  “Not about . . Spock, what else could there be?”
  He stroked her cheek.  “Would y
:iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 0
Mature content
FR: Spectrum of Absorption :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 0
_knitting_ TestCuff Buttonhole by RouJoumis _knitting_ TestCuff Buttonhole :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 _knitting_ Test Cuff 3 by RouJoumis _knitting_ Test Cuff 3 :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 _knitting_ Test Cuff 2 by RouJoumis _knitting_ Test Cuff 2 :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 _knitting_ Test Cuff 1 by RouJoumis _knitting_ Test Cuff 1 :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0
Memories 2
Just waking up.  Yawn.  Stretch.  Where am I?
A cage.  Cool walls and floor.  A barred door.  Safe.
Look around.  Look at me.  Fur!  Soft and sensitive all over.  The breeze tickles me.
Sounds.  To the left and right of me, other people.  Threats?  Food?  Doors whispering open.  I see people, big and small, walking along the hallway outside my cage.  Walking towards the smell of fresh air.  They can't get to me in here.  Safe.
Stretch.  Tail is – fascinating. Life of its own.  Pounce!  Ow!
Must be careful with claws.
Want out now.  Want to explore.  How?
A memory.  “Press the button to open your door.”  Yes!  A big button, right there.  Lift a hand to push it.  Paw.  Paw isn't strong en
:iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0
Memories of a part-time animal
I had an exception because I had several risk factors for mental disease, but I finally tested clean and was told to report to the nearest sorting center.
A deep scan, combined with the results of my temperament tests, narrowed my choices down a lot.  None of the larger, more powerful beasts for me.  Truth be told, I didn't mind.  I liked being small.  You could go more places that way.  And the perspective was nicer.
A lot of the smaller beasts were out too, as well as anything too aggressive or timid.  I was more middle-of-the-road than I'd thought.
In the end, it wasn't too  hard to choose.  A lot of species appealed to me but only two really stuck out.
My first session was scheduled for the next day.  I went home and waited.  I didn't sleep well at all.
When it was time, I went to the Park.  They put me to sleep and I woke up in a new body.
:iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0
Temiko -Tibba- by RouJoumis Temiko -Tibba- :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 Silent by RouJoumis Silent :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 1 3 Alex -love- by RouJoumis Alex -love- :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 Alex -mine- by RouJoumis Alex -mine- :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0 Alex -poise- by RouJoumis Alex -poise- :iconroujoumis:RouJoumis 0 0

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Nothing much going on.  Got a 'verse simmering away in my head for my man far away; have only written one scene in it though.  Really need to sit down and write more.  I miss my man . . </emo>

  Also wrote small snippet storystarter for a Trek fic.  Mirror!Spock!Prime goes into hiding after his empire is overthrown by the Klingon/Cardassian alliance; when Romulus is in peril, he thinks he sees his chance to rebuild his power base (saving a planet oughtta be worth some political capital with the natives, right?)  Unfortunately for him, he fails and gets chased into his own red-matter singularity by some angsty rihannsu -- err i mean ROMULANS --  and ends up in a near-identical universe, jetlagged about a hundred years behind his own . .  gee, sounds a bit familiar, yeh?  **rolleyes**  ANyway . . want to write what happens in the mirror of the rebooted universe. . probably I won't actually go anywhere with it, we'll see.  Anyone seen any good reboot!mirrorverse stories yet?

Bleh.  So tired.  Finally going back to bed.


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