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Program used: Ultra Fractal 4

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Stunningly beautiful.
Reminds me of a fingerprint scanner =P
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OMG You are awesome. :worship:
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That looks great, I like how you've ventured in too such an unfamiliar shape
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very nice, this makes me think about the duracell publicities at television. Probably just my imagination hehe.
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This looks a lot like the space area of Star Ocean 3
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It's amazing to look at these now, and know how much your fractal style has changed over the course of time. But they're still stunning to look at, it's nice to see something different. :3
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dude no frickin way! that's the most un fractal looking fractal i've ever seen

awesome job!!!
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:omg: It looks like a light bulb! Nice job! :D
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interesting and very uncommon shape!
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This is amazing!
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That is the coolest fractal art I have ever seen. Make more like it!
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Really UF? This has to be one of the most Apophysis-looking UF pieces I've seen.

Great work with the design, seeing the light bulb shape makes me want to go and try to see if I can make one.
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Rockin' awesome :D. Looks like a lightbulb (but then, you probably knew that ;)).
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Awesome, just plain awesome, well done mate :)
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your skills just keep getting better and better! i love this as well as 'thrive'
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i love that trademark glowy lighting your work has. :)
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Oooh.. very clever.
glad to see you back ^_^
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you always show up with something new =) this one is really nice, makes me think of a light bulb with great colours :nod:
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WOHA, intensely cool!
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Very pretty, and an excellent concept behind it as well! There's almost a water / crystalline effect within the bulb that I like very much.
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Amazing concept, and nice fractal
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