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Spirit of the Canyons

By RougeSpark
So after about 12 hours for me to nurse my hurt feelings over the previous incarnations' untimely demise, I forged ahead and cranked out the new shiny final version!

Reasons I'm proud:
I did a half decent landscape
Made with 100% Open Source Tools (MyPaint + GIMP)
First digital painting on my desktop rig at home

I'd love to hear your comments!
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i love the idea and the work on the rocks, inspiring for me.
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Thank you! I don't do fantasy scenes that often, but this one has been pretty well received!
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I love the concept =D and the colors are great =D
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Absolutely stunning work. I'm still new to MyPaint myself, so just seeing this and hearing it was made through MP is very inspirational. =]

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Thanks! To be honest, a lot of the detail work and polish is from GIMP. I use MyPaint and GIMP much in the same way many professional digital painters use Corel Painter and Photoshop in conjunction with each other. Both Painter and MyPaint are very good for laying down a base painting with good color blending and rough blocking. Photoshop and GIMP are more suited for detail work and image manipulation, so after I block out all the core structure and color of a painting in MyPaint, I take it into GIMP to finish it.
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Very nice! This is some of the best art I have seen here in a while. I will watch and Fav. Keep it up!
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Shiny is always good :D. I think you did great on the landscape, but then, I suck at them :P. I really like the Spirit, too. I think you captured the "Spirit of the Canyons" very well.
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This is really awesome :)
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Darn, I've only dream about painting such landscape ;)
I really love the colours, great job :)
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It was one of those happy accidents where the landscape started out as a bunch of indistinct blobs and then slowly morphed into this. I'm really happy with the colors too, this was one of my first real attempts at using under-painting. It really added a lot of richness which tends to be absent in my other stuff.
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Yea, most of my backgrounds are those 'happy accidents' so I know how you feel ;))
Anyway, trully sweet job on this one :)
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This is a very cool picture--I love the idea! :D
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