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Contest Feb 19

Ok my entry for art contest here  #ImYoursContest

My art description
One day the sky suddenly turned red. Hell was coming to Yabei, people become zombies
This character name Tau become a half human &  half zombie, he realised he's different
While other people turning into zombies and attack human, zombies won't attack him

Uhh I hope this art is ok huhu experimenting myself practising buildings

Try my best, wish me luck on winning~~!

I'm open for commission note me
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Thank you for joining! (great red sky wow)
The contest will be closed today at 23:59 GMT-12
Wish you good luck and thank you once again!!
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ok your welcome ^^
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This looks like it's turning into a crazy dog eats dog world!
roudrasagi's avatar
dog world? ^^"

ok tq u :>
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its red but lots of vibrant colors <3
i like how you colored this
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you are welcome!
Galder's avatar
I really like the way you handled background in this piece. Good job :)
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Thanks for joining!!!!! The background and Tau look very cool!!!! 
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ook you're welcome :>
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Cool, I like the background a lot~
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Its pretty appealing honestly. I like how the red is bold enough but not too bold where it's over time. I think the blue shading as helped keep the edge of the red down as an overall your an artist I'd consider following.
Good Job buddy!
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oww i dont need cool down
we live under the sky, sky is the king
in here the sky turn red
i've already test less red nope with the blue light building it's only feel calm night not hell night

tq u ^^
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I like your blending and colours. :)
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I like how much is going on in this piece! It's really energetic, and I like that. :)
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tq u so much :>
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You're welcome ^^
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The sky and the background looks very cool :)
roudrasagi's avatar
you cool too tq u :>
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Wow, I love the idea of him being half zombie half human!  I love the red lighting coming from the chaotic sky! 
Also, that lit city is amazing!  Keep up the awesome work!  ^w^
*good luck with the contest!  You did a fantastic job and should feel proud*
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owo tq u so much~~~!!!
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