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This was a gift for a friend of mine. Started as practice, trying to use more digital painting to finish a sketch rather than dodge/burn it to death.

Pencil Drawing on standard 200gsm sketch paper edited and painted in Photoshop CS6.
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Wow she's fantastic yet I feel probably dangerous. I love the placement of the gills and am really glad to see them as it makes her less like a woman with a fish tail suit on and more like a creature all of its own
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Thanks. I normally place them under the ribcage as it's nore anatomically accurate but in this case as you said I needed to add something of interest to make her seem more creature.
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I agree with that. I know some people put them on the neck but I thought those would be too small maybe. She's like a ray this way, sort of
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Yeah normally gills on most fish are right behind the head, which in some more cartoony designs can work because the head is drawn larger.
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Yeah so they don't just look like strange and slightly unsettling cuts in the side of the neck...
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Wow! All those fins look fantastic!!  Are those gills on her back? If so...that's cool...never seen any like that before!  I would hope that as exotic as you've made her, she'd have webbed hands, too ;)
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The gills were an afterthought to be honest. I usually put them under the ribcage, but in this I just sought to fill space. ;P
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