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re3remake (demo): jill valentine

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jill valentine from resident evil 3 remake (demo)

- model rigged
- formats of model: xnalara .mesh.ascii / .mesh / .xps
- formats of texture: .png / .tga
- fixed original bones / deleted unused bones / added jaw bone
fully renamed bones 
- edited materials for xnalara xps
- optional items: armor on / holster on / gloves on / flashlight on / badge on / fastener on / belt (for weapon) off / necklace on

note: use this program to enable 4gb ram for xnalara. may give u errors if not use this. model is quite heavy - may take a while to load.

extracted and converted by me. thanks to s-e666 for big help with bonedict  Claire Redfield Wink - Resident Evil 
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How come no one pointed out the fact that she has both, a leg holster and a shoulder holster but only uses the leg holster?
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Same in RE4, i believe they use the shoulder one for stocking ammo not guns (in the pouch on the right side)

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Its one of the many signs that I think show that this game was rushed. Also I find it odd that they were able to add the shoulder holster animation for Leon's noire outfit but not for Jill.

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TBH RE2 was rushed more than that, it did cut so many things and idk why no one is mentioning them. RE2 and 3 was in development at the same time and were suppose to be one game but they met problems with RE2 that they had to delay RE3 (RE3 was fine with them tho) and i can see that, what they cut from RE3 it was more like a decision to make it more realistic, and i liked what they did to the story and the characters, they made them more realistic and made more sense. and they even added more things that also no one's mentioning! i honestly loved what they did to RE3. and as a big OG RE2 fan (RE2 is my fav classic) RE2 was a disappointment to me, why they had to make it inconstant and so illogical? that means that they cut the B scenario and no one said anything about cut contents! why?! and that's not even the only thing...

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I have to say I agree. I felt that there were things wrong with RE2 like NEST. It felt so small. I dont feel that the first run affects the second and this is clear with all the inconsistencies in the stories.

In the end, there were things liked about the remakes and there were things I missed about the originals. I honestly dont care if they don't have a 'story DLC' which i think is unlikely anyways, I'd be happy if Capcom had just included more costumes and minigames for RE3. Kinda miss Mercenaries.

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I have some problem, it says "contains an unknown mesh" happens with multiple.

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rotten-eyedHobbyist Digital Artist
what are you trying to open and where?
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could you please pull out Claire college girl for XNA?
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excellent model
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can you extract Claire harley bike from re2 remake? DilKAprXkAAaU7z by Jose-Redfield
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GothicGamerXIVHobbyist Digital Artist
Great.Thumbs Up  I had to resize the textures and remove most of the facial bones because i don't use them.
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nampukkkkHobbyist Filmographer

brad too

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yas-prototype1Student Digital Artist
I hate it when pervert people make nude models of these great characters
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I tried porting this to blender and there's just too many bones on her face, is there any fix besides reparenting all of the bones or remaking her entire face armature?

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Wow, you guys are fast ;)

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Evil-BladeHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work! :clap: and thank you :D
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NeroBlueRoseSparda Filmographer

impressive. how can you download this? it didn't open on my xnalara

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L0stInTheEchoHobbyist Digital Artist

works flawlessly. thank you

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btw dose she have a jaw bone because I cant find it

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rotten-eyedHobbyist Digital Artist
names of bones are always pretty much the same in my ports - 'head jaw'
Untitled by rotten-eyed  
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such a weird T-pose

looks nice though
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Catboy85Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is actually a really good pose for a game model. Most deformation engines for games lack muscle simulation, which is very expensive for your hardware to process. Instead they opt for simple quaternion deformations, but they do not look very good when the rotation goes past the 90° mark. This pose means that the two extremes of movement for the elbows and a large part of the shoulders will be much easier to make look good when moving. Something similar will be done with the legs to aid in posing, but that doesn't look very good in screenshots.

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it makes sense, but still, it just looks weird to see this. not being a pose I'm used to seeing and all
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SuperSUfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually prefer her dressed like this than her PS1 Nemesis outfit
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