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Words Hurt Stamp by NinjaFalcon90 Courtesy stamp by lady-warrior
:iconcommentplz: :icondontlike1plz::icondontlike2plz: :icongtfoguyplz:
Critiques Stamp by angelthewingedcat

(Look, think about it. think before you you post and/or post comments, there will be people out there who will not like what you like. as common courtesy, if you don't like it that's fine, and if you have nothing nice to say, don't comment.) (respecting others shows that you're more mature than those who hate on others and behave rudely to them))

hi guys and welcome to my page! i mostly draw home
Don't like what i have? Deal with it Or leave.


AT: top ten photos taken moments before disaster by StardustNebulae AT: top ten photos taken moments before disaster :iconstardustnebulae:StardustNebulae 7 3 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Oyster by CartoonCrazy007 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Oyster :iconcartooncrazy007:CartoonCrazy007 6 7 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Chandelier by CartoonCrazy007 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Chandelier :iconcartooncrazy007:CartoonCrazy007 6 5 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Fruit Basket by CartoonCrazy007 Mimic Octoling Disguise - Fruit Basket :iconcartooncrazy007:CartoonCrazy007 7 6 R: Vyola by megadaisy1 R: Vyola :iconmegadaisy1:megadaisy1 18 9 Marx and Flandre Scarlet by nekozneko Marx and Flandre Scarlet :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 812 14 Pancake flipping by Avielsusej Pancake flipping :iconavielsusej:Avielsusej 73 9 The Odd One Out by Screeadee The Odd One Out :iconscreeadee:Screeadee 98 18 About Gooey's Face by kaialone About Gooey's Face :iconkaialone:kaialone 47 4 Kirby and Gooey by Cubesona Kirby and Gooey :iconcubesona:Cubesona 420 10 Hyper Zone by MeteoRaizor Hyper Zone :iconmeteoraizor:MeteoRaizor 233 10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD! by Zieghost HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD! :iconzieghost:Zieghost 287 32 Kirby Star Allies - More Dream Friends! by Zieghost Kirby Star Allies - More Dream Friends! :iconzieghost:Zieghost 552 214 Bunt and Marx by SilverStarSheep Bunt and Marx :iconsilverstarsheep:SilverStarSheep 42 4 Daily Paint 1918# Karby by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1918# Karby :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,740 223 Daily Paint 1921# Crowcodile by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1921# Crowcodile :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,480 142


hmm, i'm not very good at critiques, but i'll give it my best shot. well you're overall better at shading in digital than i am. the sha...


Joseph Hsu
United States
:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesask: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsopen: :iconnokiribans:

(I don't do tags, sorry.)

(also requests will usually be closed due to my naturally busy lifestyle, but rarely when it is open which will be written in a journal entry and when it is it's usually only open for a few hours)

Art Trades:
(though asking for trades when closed, like requests, due to my naturally busy lifestyle will be more lenient and i will accept art trades more often, that is if i'm not super busy with work, life, and things....)

:iconmario-plz::iconluigi-plz::iconbowser-plz: :iconprincess-peach-plz: :iconprincess-daisy-plz: :iconrosalinaplz: :iconyoshiplz: :icontoadplz: :iconwarioplz: :iconwaluigiplz:

:iconpoyoplz: :iconmetaknightplz::icondededeplz: :iconbandannadeeplz:

:iconkarkatplz::iconaradiaplz::iconsolluxplz::icontavrosplz::iconnepetaplz::iconkanayaplz::icontereziplz: :iconvriskaplz::iconequiusplz::icongamzeeplz::iconeridanplz::iconfeferiplz:

:iconinklinggirlplz: :iconinklingboyplz:

Hello, I'm Rotommowtom, and welcome to my page! You can call me Joseph, Joe, Joetom

i like to draw Nintendo stuff, Random Stuff , cute stuff, babies, scary stuff, Animals, plants, Dragons, Aliens, Other Creatures that don't exist, alternian trolls, and splatoon things like inklings and octolings.... please note that i have a wide range of interests.

You can also find me here:
:iconyoutube-plz: ===>…
:iconfbcenterplz: ===>…

please note that i don't use Facebook for social media, Deviantart is.

All i have to say, is if you like my art that is fine, :iconkirbyhiplz:
if you don't, deal with it or Leave. :icongtfoguyplz:


My best friends, freinds i have, and friends i had.

:icon00tod00: :icondaisyfloral: :iconpriincessdaiisygiirl: :iconmegadaisy1: :iconlunara-nightjewel: :iconsol-karasu::iconcottonee7:
:iconlvko-king: :iconve731: :iconmusiccraze98: :iconmauvefaerie: :icongalaxia-darkness: :iconmusical-girl-hallie: :iconthepinkmarioprincess: :iconfaisaladen::iconwilltommo::iconv-p-aurore-star: :icontheupgradedmodel: :iconshy-luh: :iconmarxiekssu: :iconcandy-swirl: :iconstarsailor5: :iconmaxus-the-hedgefox: :iconkinglogan721: :iconjestcrazy32: :iconfuzzbyroo: :iconnintendrawer: :iconyuka-to-mein: :iconshymi: :iconscarlet-magus714: :iconhamsamwich: :icontrishakat: :iconthe-gr8-fangirl: :iconpugwash1: :iconstrawb-ellie: :iconyukikoneko-girl: :iconinuzukajess: :iconchocopandahugs::iconbabypoof08::iconnazrininator::icontashardbuddies::iconmittens1997: :iconcpr-covet: :icontardis-fan211: :iconstranger-to-you: :iconfoxybus: :iconalannatheseedrian::iconbugoifwhite3::iconsirguyjacket::iconjk-kino::iconstardustnebulae: :iconstarflash111: :iconjaastarz001: :iconp1nkfl0yde: :iconwild-ookami-chan: :iconjany-chan17:
:iconprinsesdaisyfanfan1::iconluckyladyxandra::icondarkmety::iconmariosimpson1::iconhiyukee::icondededeman7::iconapplehead302: :icontruckerpilot: :iconsteamguyshyguy: :iconprincessartist2009::iconmonochromemarcus:

I like All of my friends! I care for all of you very much!

here's some cool people i'd like to recognize.
(also they are my closest of DA friends)

:iconmarcusvorbote: / :iconmonochromemarcus: he's one of my best bros.
:iconkinglogan721: he's one of my best bros.
:iconscarlet-magus714: one of my best DA buddies
:iconluckyladyxandra: one of my best DA buddies & Likes to draw Alternian Trolls too
:iconshaneysqueeboy: / :iconchentheirken: another good buddy of mine
:iconstardustnebulae: one of my best DA buddies!
:icontruckerpilot: a very good friend of mine & Does Gmod stuff! :D
:iconprincessartist2009: One of my good friends & Like drawing Mario Princesses
:icondededeman7: he's once cool dude!
:iconapplehead302: a very kind friend to have around
:iconcapribea: a great buddy of mine
:iconmustachecat88: another great friend i love to talk to
:iconcottonee7:another one of my good buds!
:iconv-p-aurore-star: is another one of my great buds
:iconthepinkmarioprincess: is great at mario drawings and is sweet
:iconhamsamwich: is a good drawer and is nice to talk to
:iconstrawb-ellie: just another good friend of mine
:iconjaastarz001: another good buddy of mine
:iconutoplio: / :icontashardbuddies: An awesome friend of mine (but she's really nice & is a Kirby fan!)
:iconsol-karasu: is a great friend who i know at school
:iconmariosimpson1: my Shy Guy loving friend.
:iconapplejuicedrinker: someone who is a great friend to talk to
:iconhiyukee: is Kirby & pokemon Lover! and she's a good friend too!
:iconweaselbear: another good friend i also know in RL,
:iconyoshiccrazy360: Another friend i know in RL who loves :iconyoshiplz: as much as i love rotom...
:iconsirguyjacket: he and I are good friends

and lots more i can say for the rest of my buds:iconcutegamzeeplz:





Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09
Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna
Also ask me if you have a question about pokemon! i'm almost like a living breathing Bulbapedia (but obviously i don't know everything) but i do know alot. so ask me anything if you have questions.

Nintendo -Stamp- by DrXtreme
also ask me if you have question about other things like mario & kirby games, i know alot about the stuff in those too.




some of my OC PLZ's! :icondarxplz::iconcaziplz::iconprincessoliviaplz: these PLZ's were created by :iconjestcrazy32:


--------------------Some Stamps!--------------------
:thumb338854926: Luigi stamp by sketchedmonkey SHUT YOUR MOUTH! - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Mario stamp by sketchedmonkey Princess Daisy Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Stamp: Bowser by Tee-J Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Peach Stamp by rockydennis .~MarioxPeach Stamp II~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess Bowser Jr. Stamp by Scrappanator
479 - Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Mow Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Fan Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Wash Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Frost Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Heat Rotom by Marlenesstamps Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Fan Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Mow Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Wash Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Frost Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Heat Rotom stamp by Numbuh9


:thumb114537665: Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Marx stamp 4 by CinsaTalXenoMaker MarxFlan Stamp by JelliPuddi Magolor Stamp by latiaskirby Kirby Stamp by MajinPat Stamp: Kirby by Shendijiro Kirby Stamp by Koolaidislifetome


Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro Stamp Terezi 2 by Michiru-Mew karkat stamp 1 by rynald karkat stamp 2 by rynald Stamp: Karkat by Shendijiro TEREZIKARKATSTAMP by Risen-Dawn HS: Kanaya Maryam stamp by Janbearpig Stamp: Tavros by Shendijiro :33 playfully posts stamp by Dametora Stamp: Nepeta by Shendijiro Stamp: Equius by Shendijiro HS: Sollux Captor stamp by Janbearpig Stamp: Gamzee by Shendijiro uHH GOOD GAME EVERYBODY by Janbearpig Sollux Stamp by HTFlover777 Karezi stamp by ParamourxLights T3R3Z1 ST4MP (( Homestuck )) by MissButtler HS Troll Stamp by Tammiikat Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Homestuck Trolls fanstamp by KirigamiRiguya Humans Are Inherently Stupid by Vexic929 OC Pairings - Stamp by Petraea


Splatoon Stamp by laprasking splatoon stamp #6 [cyan vs pink] by larssson Splatoon stamp by pulsebomb Splat! :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd splatoon stamp #1 [splatfest] by larssson splatoon stamp #3 [octoling] by larssson splatoon stamp #14 [pink team] by larssson splatoon stamp #17 [pink-purple team] by larssson splatoon stamp #8 [royal blue team] by larssson splatoon stamp #13 [cyan team] by larssson splatoon stamp [minty blue team] by larssson splatoon stamp #20 [mint team] by larssson splatoon stamp #10 [emerald green team] by larssson splatoon stamp #15 [yellow team] by larssson splatoon stamp #7 [orange team] by larssson Stamp - Support the Octarians! by twilight-hills




Rotommowtom has started a donation pool!
1,369 / 2,000
:iconcommissionsopen: just a little side note for you guys here. i normally give free requests to friends, but i am also running short of time and such. so i can't keep up with all the stuff that piles in. so i may accept your request if i'm not that busy.

:bulletpurple: linear - 5 points

:bulletpurple: regularly colored - 10 points

:bulletpurple: colored fully colored and shaded - 20 points

:bulletpurple: fully colored and shaded with background - 30 points
you may have one character per commission, but if you want to add another character, you need to add more points to your current total.
here are the list of prices.

:bulletpurple:for humans - 1000 points (hehe, just kidding) :icongamseesplz:

:bulletblue: two characters - +1 point

:bulletblue: three characters - +2 points

:bulletblue: four characters - +5 points


:iconpowerpointplz: :iconupdateplz::iconpowerpointplz:
i am now accepting powerpoint short animations!

though they WILL be shorts.

first thing is an animation will cost at base 10 points
for the animation as well as for the single character.

any additional character will cost +5 more points.

any specific music or custom music +1 point
(if not applied i will chose either a random music that fits the video or no music)

the owner of the character will need to submit to me a sprite sheet of that character in PNG format with a background that is easily able to be turned transparent.

+1 point for a custom background (again will need a picture linked to me)

things that will not be accepted whatsoever.
:bulletred: no inappropriate stuff, like nudity, sex, and things like that.
:bulletred: no complaining if i have to decline your commission
:bulletred: things that are outside my league of what powerpoint can handle itself.
:bulletred: no fetishes as cool as some of them are.

PS: i can't do these all the time because of my busy schedules so don't overwork me with them. i can only do a few of them at a time for a while.
(one person can only do so much before they get tired)

You must be logged in to donate.
the original found here ===> <da:thumb id="730620233"/>

(but since core membership is gone, i cant use those fancy skins...shame tho..)

but yeah kinda an update because i've been hard at work drawing some valentines day drawings and other stuff as well which i should post tomorrow evening.



How much does your happiness depend on your relationships with others?

it varies depending on the person, but generally i'm a pretty friendly and social person, so i generally do get along well with many people, even if we don't share the same interests or disagree on some things.

pokemon gif Vileplume 


What's your favorite kind of flower?

If you know me, you'd know i loove the strange, bizarre, and unpopular creatures/plants.
in my case it's the Titan Arum (it's also the tallest flower btw) ===>…
also shortly followed up by the Hydnora africana ===>… both of fav flowers are both stinkers....literally.

Geometry Chocolate Cake Type 2 50x50 icon 


What would you most like to receive on valentine's day?

uhh...i dunno... food? i'm not really that fond of chocolate, i like white chocolate(but that's not really a true chocolate),
a luvdisc maybe? actually nah, their stats kinda suck unfortunately...Luvdisc though the weak fish doesn't have to be a good fighter to spread the love.

Super Mario Sunshine - Love Mario Icon


Are you annoyed by public displays of affection?

um, it kinda depends.

.: angel :. 


What's your sexuality?



Do you think age differences are a big deal?

well if your age is not too far off from your lover's age that's fine, but if it's something like an adult and child sexual stuff well then
YES IT DOES. we certainly don't want cases like Pedoking here Nidoking shocked Female Nidoran Sprite
(and yes it's true nidoking and nidoran female can breed, but nidoking and nidoqueen cannot breed...)

Heart Eyes (Like, Love, Admire) 


Talk about your crush

unfortunately i don't have one yet... but octoling girls are what i prefer. Octoling Shrug Icon
or red headed humans.

OshaPip hug plz 


How comfortable are you with physical contact?

again, it depends on the person, if i am okay being around them i don't mind them at all ((like i almost have no personal space) (that all changes to a huge personal bubble i feel uncomfortable being around that person))


Write me a poem

I Cannot Live Without you My love,
I'm Struck with the Love bite
my heart melts at the sight of your bright light
oh wait, it's actually my mouth fusing to your belly
i may have lost my organs and my heart but i will always stay with you
~Male Anglerfish

ehh, that's the best i can do, poems aren't my strengths...Prof Oak Pokemon

(more info on anglerfish "love" here ===> [link])



~Are you romantic?

eh... not really... i guess?... but i can, when i do get a soulmate i guess.



Do you like candy and chocolate?

like i said before, i'm not really into chocolate, but i like candy, however i do brush right after, you want those teeth to last, unfortunately humans don't have infinite teeth like sharks...

Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser Icon 

~True love~

Do you believe in love at first sight?

yes, however.... being male there's one thing i do know from humans and natural behaviors in wild animals, the ladies are in charge when it comes to love, if she don't like you or is not impressed, you done son. males usually only get one shot with a female. so love at first sight can be good, but it can also be heartbreak at first shotdown. so make sure you know your lover is right for you.
Emotional Brock plz 

Inkling Boy Shrug Icon 


Are you dominant?

eh, i dunno, i feel like i'm a bit of both.

welp, now that this random thing is out of the way, i gotta do more art stuff, see you guys later.

Journal History


just a minor update, why i'm not posting this week as i'm working on many pics. some of which involve vyolexian stuff, and the vyolexian solar system. and also along with the other pics i would usually post.
Oh an with that other update out of the way.
kinda excited to see what other stuff i'll be making for next week. I (might) also possibly make another ask blog type thing.
just an update.

i'm making a vyolexian creature...

the new vyolexian creature is ... oh my god... it's just pure nightmare fuel just be glad earth creatures don't have to worry about it since it's all sci-fi. also it dosen't really affect vyolexians much as most of the planet's creatures don't have to worry about it... earth on the other hand... oh dear god... this new vyolexian creature i'm making may be too horrifying for the eyes.... (i might have to put the mature warning stuff on every picture it's in due to it's biology alone) if you're wanting to see it, you've been warned. this thing is super disturbing.
small update
as of now i'm working on, the home planet of the Biclosicle and some of it's life and other sapient life, and other life on the planet, so expect to see some new art regarding that and some new characters.

after that ,making my usual art will resume.
story featuring Ultra Lunala

sorry about that, but the story about ultra lunala will be put on hiatus until further notice, it could be until tomorrow or until indefinitely.



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Fistron Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, man. I made amazing tribute for July 4th. See now on my gallery.
supertoad129 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello there names jason
StardustNebulae Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AT: top ten photos taken moments before disaster by StardustNebulae  

I have uploaded it, I hope you like it man ;7;
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018
it looks amazing!
thanks for doing the art trade with me.
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i need help! i finally got a computer but it's not what i expected! it's called a chromebook and i don't know how to use deviantart on it! if you can help please respond! if you know or can contact someone else who can please tell them! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!! sorry.
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
i'm sorry, i don't use chromebook (or even know what it is)
boringguyseth Featured By Owner May 24, 2018  Student Writer
a chromebook is kind of like a laptop but not microsoft. it just has the internet and nothing else.
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 24, 2018
oh okay, i'm sorry i can't help you with that.

but you can check the internet to see if there is anything else there is to fix it. if you can't use the laptop to search the web, try using mobile.
maybe this helps.
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CartoonCrazy007 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but I've never made up my mind to say it. I have an idea in my head about your 3 mimic octolings camouflaging their tentacles as objects, as you used to make them. If you want to see my idea, could you give me permission to draw it? Call it 'fanart', I guess.
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
sure thing, i'd love to see it :)
CartoonCrazy007 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay then, I'll start working on them. Hope you'll like them :D
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
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Hey it's been a while, how are you?
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 15, 2018
doing good,
just pretty usual.
welp, i'm going to be posting more art soon.
Scarlet-Magus714 Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, I have been into this game/ anime series Danganronpa
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
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Hey buddy, sorry to an ask, but shall we do an art trade if you have a moment? :D

If not, then is cool, no worries :)
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner May 10, 2018
not at the moment.

but how bout maybe later on monday where i actually do most of my drawings then?
that sounds better if you ask then. (better on sunday tho, so i can prepare to draw it on Monday)
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