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This is my first critique and I'm not a native speaker too, so if there is anything incomprehensible please ask me so I might express myself more clearly. I hope this critique satisfy the requirements and helps you.

The whole picture gives me a very harmonic impression. The bright colours underline the expression of the character. You caught a facial expression that shows light-heartedness and happyness as well as the whole pose of the body.
Since the face is very detailed it's definitly the centre of the picture which catches the viewer's I at first sight. The butterflies are as detailed as her face and give the picture a more dynamic look. A very successful composition.

In my opinion there are just two little points to criticize:
Since the character is the centre of the picture the attention is slightly distrcated by the black cat in the tree. Because you used very bright and shiny colours the black of the butterflies' wings as well as of the fur of the cat are a strong contrast and form the highlights of the pic.
Whereas the butterflies circle round the character and lead the viewer's eye on her the cat stands out of the main focus and tears the eye to the upper left corner.
Besides the slightly rougher drawn tree's trunks and branches don't fit the very detailed foreground completly.

In general, the picture is a well drawn piece which creates a brightly mood and puts the character good into focus.

The Artist thought this was FAIR
14 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.


GDBee Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Thanks for the critique! :la:

That panther. That panther caused so much pain. I knew there was something up with it, but couldn't put my finger on it. I can't quite figure out how to'blend' the cat with the background better. If at all possible, do you have any suggestions? DX
The trees ARE very rough after a second glance at this. Need to go back and fix all these things!
Thank you again! :iconepichighfiveplz:
RoteGruetze Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm glad it was useful (and understandable XD).
If it was my pic I would earse the panther from the tree. Because it's the characters pet maybe but him in her left arm - so he would be in the centre and give more focus to the character. Or maybe I would put him just a bit nearer to her head because now he's at the very edge of the pic.
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