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Issue #2 pg. 27 by RotAngel Issue #2 pg. 27 by RotAngel
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Last page of Issue 2: Friend of the Dead! I will be going on a little break from this and should hopefully have Issue 3 started up around Summer 2017. Thank you guys for reading! Again I will hopefully get to selling the books online and/or digitally hopefully soon. Some things have fell through the cracks.

Again if you enjoyed this comic series, like and share with your family and friends (who can tolerate a little blood here and there XD).

Have a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

Issue 1: The Awakening
MummyMetaller Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Professional General Artist
I absolutely love your comic; & yes I will definitely be buying it to add to my collection... Been waiting long enough! :shakefist: 
I remember you mentioning your characters/ comic idea a long time ago, & finally being able to see it is so awesome. I really look forward to reading more! 
(I know full well how time consuming it can be though; as well as how life has the tendency to get in the way when it comes to personal projects, so just take your time & have fun with it.) ;)
RotAngel Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Whoo man when people say comics are hard they were NOT lying. Especially when you are trying to one man it @__@ Hopefully I'll gain more funds to get buddies to help me with the art part.

Thank you for reading! I will totally announce when the online store is up and ready =D
MummyMetaller Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Tell me about it! 8/

I still have big plans for a few graphic novels; but I'm not rushing face first into it this time like I did before. I've already got the first draft to the first story completed, I'm in the middle of writing the second story (when I get the time), plus there's, like... 4 other ideas that I should really start noting down :XD:

I've stopped myself from getting so stressed about it, I've got three kids that take up most of my time, mainly my 2 year old, & I came to just accept that I'm currently not going to have time to do much. But I know that once he starts nursery I'll have a bit more extra time to get stuff done & put my plans into action.

... That sounds deviously diabolical... MOAHAHAHAHAHA

I love your comic! I really can't wait to see more; & definitely let me know when it's for sale :D
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