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What is Infrared Photography? [Infographic]


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Hi. I want to be honest; I don't like the recent changes the site is going through; specifically, DeviantArt "Eclipse". Many people have expressed my exact sentiments far better than I can ever articulate them myself. Although I still have things I want to say, I'm far too infuriated and tired about this whole ordeal and I don't want it to end up as one long, angry rant. I'm not familiar with the full extent of technicalities of what makes Eclipse objectively 'good' or 'bad', and I'm that great in expressing myself through words either. But I had an idea: Maybe instead of writing how much I hate Eclipse, I should draw and write about thing


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DA is fundamentally broken, but can be fixed...

... if DA's staff act quickly enough. Whether you like Eclipse or hate it, there’s no denying the new user interface has greatly changed DeviantArt. The devs set out to give DA a new identity and in some ways they achieved that goal, but they did so at a very high cost. DeviantArt used to be a very structured website. It was a platform for any form of art imaginable, but had separate sections for each type of artist. It was a website for digital and traditional art, amateur or professional art, literature, photos, animation, etc… Now however DeviantArt is just for art. Period. Various types of art are still welcome, but the website no longer differentiates between them. Compared to the old DA, the new DeviantArt is a far more general affair, a lot more akin to a page like Instagram than a virtual art museum with different floors and rooms. I’m finding it difficult to explain what exactly I mean, so please bear with me. Generally speaking there have always been two types of

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