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rotaneco logotype test 1

Just playing around with what my "company" logo could look like, all fancied up, glossy, web 2.0, you name it...

Photoshop CS1
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/me goes and buys the name Rotane Co. :mwahaha:
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not bad at all mane
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if its not a creative / design company, you might go by some more solid circle?
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True. But since this is a logo for and about me, it could be quite fitting, no? ;)
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Simple and elegant enough for any ocasion, excellent piece of work
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Thanks a lot man :)
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Looks pretty slick :)

I'd be interested to see the other iterations you might have thought up.
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Cheers man!

Oh, me too! This is the only one that I'm done with yet though :P
But, more will come, just not today :sleep:
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Very nice indeed, i wonder what this would look like in different colours? do you have a personal fav?
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Never tried.. But red/orange have always been my favourite.
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Looks very nice! :thumbsup:
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Muchas gracias!
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No hay problema! :lol:
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No prob. I wish I had the patience to do the whole shiny reflection. I've seen tuts on it and all that, but I jus cba to sit down and learn it!

I've enough PS/Ai/Rest of Adobe knowledge to last me though, so it's all good ;)
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Once you really need it and do it for a few times it's really easy.. :)
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yea. Once i actually need it [or want it for my own logo - whichever comes first :P], i'll end up looking into it :P
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Sounds like a plan :)
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