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deviantTHUMBS:TINY v7

By rotane
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deviantTHUMBS:TINY – A style that makes the new huge thumbnails small (like they used tobe).

:new: This latest update adds support for the "new new" thumbs grid that was released in June 2016 (and expanded to our personal Galleries and Favourites in January 2017). The fix isn't perfect, by any stretch, but it works. Be aware though that i really like the new big thumbs, so i'm not sure if i'll continue supporting this style for much longer!


This Style makes the new huge thumbnails small again and less "schizophrenic": It removes the light background on all thumbs, and tweaks a few other things (Verdana instead of Trebuchet, hover effects, margins and paddings, and the like).

  • Special feature:
    Switch to Wall View and have everything left aligned.
    Switch to Grid View and have everything centered. (This does not work anymore with the new thumbs grid.)
  • Film thumbs and Collection/Gallery thumbs are still not perfectly styled, but 100% usable.
  • This style might interfere somewhat with custom Gallery skins, since it changes the deviation title and links.

  • v0.1 (August 25, 2012): Initial release of the new huge thumbnails.
  • v0.1-1 (August 25, 2012): Fix for Lit and Film thumbs.
  • v0.2 (August 25, 2012): Lit thumbs bugfixes again. (Did dA change something?)
  • v0.3 (September 1, 2012): dA just updated the new huge thumbs (that light background is even lighter; but more importantly: panorama thumbs are fixed), so this update takes this into account.
    Also: Proper support for deviations in Storage and Mature Content.
  • v0.4 (September 7, 2012): Bugfix for recent code-update. Thanks for all your reports!
  • v0.4-1 (September 7, 2012): Lit tags are back.
  • v0.4-2 (September 7, 2012): Bugfixes for Grid and Wall views, and panorama thumbs.
  • v0.4-3 (September 7, 2012): Bugfix for panorama/portrait thumbs again. (Really, dA? Again? This is getting tiresome.)
  • v0.4-4 (September 14, 2012): Bugfix for collection/gallery thumbs.
  • v0.5 (October 23, 2012): Bugfix for group galleries' "more" link; small bugfix to lit/journal thumbs.
  • v0.5-1 (March 16, 2013): Bugfix for group galleries' main pages. (Thanks again Fehnwrites for the heads-up!)
  • v0.6 (May 17, 2013): Better way of dealing with shadow-overflow of book-ends. (Which means: better compatibility with Gallery CSS.)
  • v0.7 (August 13, 2013): Bugfix for some MLT pages. (Thanks Arisu-Ami-Chan for the heads-up.)
  • v0.7-1 (December 13, 2013): Bugfix for wide deviation titles. (Thanks FuryTigresse for the heads-up.)
  • v0.7-2 (June 24, 2014): Removed Mozilla-specific values.
  • v0.8 (June 3, 2016): Preliminary fix for the new thumbs grid.
  • v0.8 (January 11, 2017): The same version already works for the new thumbs that were now expanded to our Gallery and Favourites.

Attention: use either this style OR deviantTHUMBS:HUGE!

:pointr: Install here: :pointl:

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heads up: deviantart messed up the script and the thumbs are big again.
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Oooh, they finally rolled out the new new thumbs everywhere? Hallelujah – it was about time! :w00t:

(Sorry, couldn't resist.) Anyway, i had updated this style back in june, so it should cover it. Be sure you have version 0.8 installed. (When in doubt, remove it and install it again.) If you're still having troubles, please tell me your browser and link me a few pages where it's messed up.
MisterPSYCHOPATH3001's avatar
My browser is Mozilla Firefox Version 51.0b13 (yes i have a beta version it's not different from the regular version)
i do currently have the 0.8 version of the script, i did reinstalled it but that didn't do diddle.

here's the links to my gallery and favorites, i had to disable the script to those pages because it's causing my browser to freeze up and sometimes it crashes the browser.
rotane's avatar
Hmm. No problems on my end (Firefox 50) when i go to these pages. Granted, the small thumbs aren't as pretty as they used to be, but they are small. (Right?) I'm also confused why your browser would freeze or crash, since my style doesn't add anything to the page that wasn't already there…
MisterPSYCHOPATH3001's avatar
the thumbs were smaller before the site updated and the freezing/crashing thing is the result of scrolling down the page then i get a pop-up message saying: "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue."


so i usually stop the script but when i open the debugger that's when it crashes, and could be the fact i have a windows 7 operating system since November 2011.
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I know that the thumbs were smaller before the update today, but i was referring to "my" smaller thumbs – the one that my style makes.

The script you're referring to is one of dA's own. I have no idea what it does, but it's likely related to loading in more thumbs and formatting them to fit nicely onto the page. Again, not related to my style, and nothing i can do to fix.
MisterPSYCHOPATH3001's avatar
just my luck, i'll just have to find someone else with a small thumbnail script unless you're the only one.

look i'm stressed out i've been trying to find a way to fix it myself but DeviantART keeps messing it up and i'm not good at coding.
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Do you have any tools for bringing back our personal literary tags, which are now being stripped away from even more of the site, including our own galleries? :(
rotane's avatar
I'm afraid not. Those tags are not present anymore within the new thumbs, so there's nothing for my style to "unhide". And a userstyle (what deviantTHUMB is) can't create them or import them from some other place. You'd have to ask a coder to write a userscript (notice the subtle difference), but i can't help you there.
shadesmaclean's avatar
Thanks. It was worth a try, though I suppose that means we all now need to figure out a way to make literature pieces once again as visually distinct from each other at a glance as visual pieces, especially if it looks like they might completely strip away lit tags... :(
rotane's avatar
True. I'm curious, how does dA handle images/thumbs that are on top of a literature piece? Do they show up on the lit thumb? (I have to admit, i'm not well versed within the lit community, and i hardly browse lit deviations.)
shadesmaclean's avatar
I'm not sure myself. Back when I first joined (2012), all you had to do was create an image that would fit into the little side tag (that you can still see on lit pieces in some places), and it just appeared there automatically. I suppose, even if someone found a way to re-code it back in there, it would only show up that way on one's own browser, not the rest of the internet a large. I think I might try experimenting with in-site posting options, because I would like to help other make themselves at-a-glance distinguishable again, just as visual art thumbnails are taken for granted for. If you come up with any other ideas, I'm all ears. :)
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Oh, that's not what i meant! If you look at this collection of mine (…) you see some pictures in the background. They are all embedded pictures inside the journal itself. I was wondering if something similar is going on with lit thumbs. :)
shadesmaclean's avatar
Not with the vertical lit tags (which are still visible in some views), but what you've shown me (I've since figured out how to access that option from the editing screen) gave me the idea of adding my Tradewinds (and other logos) to the background as a "preview image" which puts it at the top of the piece in the old text view, or puts it underneath the text (just like in the journals you linked to) in the "new" view, so at least it looks like I can take back my at-a-glance distinctiveness, without resorting to styles or scripting. And, by its very nature, makes it visible to anyone else viewing the site without any styles. :)

Like so:…

Thanks for the feedback, Rotane, it looks like you've helped me solve this problem. :D
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Excellent! I've learned something myself. Cheers :)
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Dis makes me a happy rainbow narwhal!
Thanks for making this!!
TheTravellingTricera's avatar
Thanks for this, Rotane
DancingTurtles25's avatar
knowing this exists & using it has made my day!
happy dance : ENGAGE!…
RyoSchrader's avatar
Followed the link from Tanner28's journal, didn't think was even a real thing but holy crap it's for real!! THANKS SO MUCH
rotane's avatar
Yeah, he sent quite a few people this way. :)
inthelimelight15's avatar
OMG I wish I'd know about this way sooner than today! Thanks man
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:iconthanku-plz: for making this and updating it so it works again! Super appreciate this! :iconhappyhappyplz:
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