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:new: This style does not work anymore

September 25, 2014: If you're a Beta tester, then you probably noticed that things changed around here. This style right here restores and tweaks many features of the navbar.

Update October 15, 2014: Well, the new navbar just went live (you can read all about it here). This style still works, but i noticed a few tiny things i could still improve on. I'll do that in the next few days. Feel free to install this style now; any updates i'll make should automatically install on your end. Update: Done.

Update October 16, 2014: I wrote a journal, reflecting a bit about this style and the attention it got. Read about it here: Discussions welcome!

:rabbithole: Update December 4, 2014: deviantART just unveiled its new identity, and with this the navbar also got a makeover. I am aware of that! Expect a fix of this style in a few days or so. Update: Done.

Update November 17, 2015: I'm sure you have noticed, there is a new Beta test going on that introduces a completely new navbar. People have started to ask me if i'm going to "fix" it or update this style. Truth be told, i'm not sure yet what i'm going to do. The elephant in the room seems to be the lack of a total number of read Messages/Notifications that are waiting inside the Notification Centre – which, to me, takes about 90% of functionality out of the navbar; and there is nothing i can do about it. Anyway, you can read my thoughts on this here.

  • Message count and user menu back to the left
  • Slightly darker background and brighter text with shadow for better contrast
  • Mouseover effect for deviantART logo, Friends and Favourites links
  • “Submit” button blends in with the rest of the menu
  • Tweaked Searchbar
  • “Home” button removed (Fixed by deviantART)
  • Hidden link to “Mobile”
  • Also, i've moved the “Our story” link over to the right, but this is a rather dirty hack. I'll probably think of something nicer in the future.

Detailed Release History:
  • v0.1.0 (September 25, 2014): Public release
  • v0.2.0 (September 30, 2014): Fixes for second round of beta, as well as support for both splintered and unsplintered menu
  • v0.2.1 (September 30, 2014): Quick fix that adds text-shadow
  • v0.2.2 (September 30, 2014): Quick fix to some hover effects
  • v0.2.3 (October 2, 2014): Another quick fix to some hover effects
  • v0.3.0 (October 20, 2014): Fix for Notes Count; Dropdowns align nicely; Upgrade link
  • v0.3.1 (October 21, 2014): Fix for Submit/ page
  • v0.4.0 (December 5, 2014): Preliminary fix for the new logo
  • v0.4.1 (January 21, 2015): Quick fix for promo items

Point Right Install here: Point Left

Point Right Let's talk about it! Point Left

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Please make a fix for the new nav back to the old. 
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I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's not what i'm going to do. Please read the 'Introduction' bit of my latest journal, and you'll know why.
heavyoak's avatar

well i'll just have to take a whack at writing one myself.
ThunderClawShocktrix's avatar
will you have new version of this to bring back the old menu funtions after watch 2.0 is rolled out
rotane's avatar
There's not much that i can do, i think. I mean, sure, i could possibly get rid of the icons and restore a text-only version, but that doesn't fix the elephant in the room. Namely, the complete lack of a Messages/Deviations count.
ThunderClawShocktrix's avatar
lack of count doesnt bother me as much as the Menu button being broken in the palemoon browser (palemoon is lightweight fork of firefox)
rotane's avatar
That is definitely a bug and needs to be fixed. I can even confirm this on native Firefox (not latest, though). What's worse, the dropdowns of Notifications and Notes to the far right don't work either.
ThunderClawShocktrix's avatar
interesting, those right buttons worked for me
rotane's avatar
Interesting indeed. On a Firefox that is more recent (version 40), it works fine.
ThunderClawShocktrix's avatar
one of the developers of palemoon found the problem, seems that ES6 allows for some sloppy coding that breaks under older standards…

given that now we know where this issue is would a work around be doable in the user script
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As long as this is in beta, i wouldn't worry about a userscript. But, shouldn't future versions of Pale Moon be fixed automatically, since current versions of Firefox work fine?
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hoi-me-mus's avatar
The last ver. I used was v0.3.1 and something seems wrong. Then I uninstalled the script and never check for update till today.
I'm glad that you are still working on this and thanks for that.

About the new dA logo on the top left, I'm okay with the logo update made by dA staff but it doesn't seem quite right to me compare to previous dA logo.


Everything else on its right is made in one line but the dA logo is made in two line of text.

Can you make a toggleable feature (maybe) that makes the logo looks like this?

:rabbithole: DEVIANT ART
rotane's avatar
What you requested is certainly doable, but not with a toggle. It would probably have to be its own style that can be turned on/off with a simple click. That said, i don't think i'm going to do that. Yet, at the very least. Mostly because i currently don't have the time to tinker about this too much. You see, making the text one line breaks the balance between the logo mark and the type. To counter this, i'd have to make the text larger (or the mark smaller), which in turn breaks the balance between the logo and the rest of the menubar. And since i'm a sucker for high quality design, down to the last pixel, none of the results are satisfying without giving it much thought, which i – again – currently do not have. Besides, i quite like the logo in its current form. Sorry, i hope you understand!
hoi-me-mus's avatar
No worries. It's okay, it just seems not right to me.~
From the Inspect element option in chrome seems that this logo is made of html 5 element thingy that able us to 'draw' objects. HTML5 svg, I think?

By few experiments I did on it, looks like the object is set to grow and shrink to the size of its frame.

Maybe, if I can figure out the right size, can you make the on / off switch?

rotane's avatar
Yes, it's an svg graphic – a vector image. It scales with the text when you zoom (which is fantastic), and it also looks great on hi-DPI displays such as the retina screen on a Mac.

I can certainly try, but don't pressure me for an ETA ;)
hoi-me-mus's avatar
^^ No worries. I won't force.
Yeah this takes time, need to get rid of my laziness, first ^^;
a11ryanc's avatar
Really glad I found this. Gives the DA design a sense of logic again, as with the rest of your gallery. Also found a style around for the older logo.
Would you, by chance know how to restore the last used favicon as well?
rotane's avatar

Sorry, i do not, and i don't think it's even possible with a style such as this. Greasemonkey might be able to do it, but i wouldn't know how.
MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
I've download it and I don't have a problem at all. Thanks for this, reminds me of the good ol days of 2012. <3
Spacesis's avatar
i downloaded this a while ago and it suddenly stopped working.
it won't let me re download it either
Vince-Hall's avatar
I can't download this off styles
rotane's avatar
What do you mean?
Vince-Hall's avatar
I went to the website called Styles and tried to get Styles and it took 4 times, his menu did not work to download.
I got Wrench monkey instead.
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