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Jedi vs Sith WP-pack wide

wallpaper pack Jedi vs Sith widescreen

Please read:
Click "Download" to get the full pack that consists of 9 different colour-versions! Each wallpaper has a resolution of 1920x1200. Colours include:
:bulletred: 2 variations of red
:bulletred: 5 variations of blue
:bulletred: sand
:bulletred: deviantART-green

The whole series contains wallpaper-packs for dual-display, single screen and widescreen:
:bulletblue: dual-display (3200x1200)
:bulletblue: single screen (1600x1200)
:bulletblue: widescreen (1920x1200)

Made with Macromedia Freehand MX, inspired by (and dedicated to) one of the greatest StarWars fanfilms ever made: "Art of the Saber". I was working on this for about a month – on and off. I'm quite happy I'm done with it now!

Enjoy! :jedi:
© 2005 - 2021 rotane
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Great! Thanks a lot!

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Just amazing, dude.

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Thanks so much :)
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I thought that this was a gif.
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animated version of this would be really cool

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What do you mean?
DornCresh's avatar
GIf imagen formar, ( Graphics Interchange Format ), I thought this was a movil picture because I saw your drawing from my phone.
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I know what a gif is, i'm just not sure what you mean by that. Did you mean, you thought this was animated?
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Animated..yes, that is what I want to say. Sorry.
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Insult lightsaber fighting!

You fight like an ewok!
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Hey hey, this isn't Monkey Island! :lol:
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wonder if you can make it a little bigger like... 3200x1600 or something. but this one is cool!
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Unlikely, as I don't even have the program I made it with installed anymore. (Man, that was 6 years ago I just realized.) But who knows, maybe it's time for a v2.0 or something. I can send you a Note if I ever do :)
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Haha sure man, sure.. you did great already for this, and wow 6 years O_o.
Can I edit it a little just to make it fit to my computer? lol I got a prob with my monitor. ;)
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Of course man, you can modify it any way you want - as long as you don't go redistributing it as your own :)
BubblesArts's avatar
Thanks man, dont worry im not gonna redistributing it as my own :D! just to make it fit, lol.
rotane's avatar
Awesome :)
Feel free to post a screenshot though ;)
BubblesArts's avatar
Hey I just did, check it out [link]
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Cool stuff - it's always great to see other people use it
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I love the style that you did this in.
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