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Game Service Icons

By rotane
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I was never too happy with the mismatching icons for all the different gaming platforms on my desktop, so here are 11 that go well together. Please write a comment if there is something missing that you'd like me to add!

Contains icons for:
  • Launcher
  • Desura (even if it doesn't exist anymore)
  • Epic Games Launcher
  • GOG Galaxy
  • OnLive
  • Origin
  • Raptr
  • Rockstar Social Club
  • Steam
  • UPlay

Includes 11 icons in 4 sizes (256, 128, 64, and 32 px), in both .ico and .png.

They also fit the Skyrim iconset that i submitted a while ago:
Skyrim Iconset by rotane

Background texture by thespook:…
Logos © Blizzard, Bethesda Softworks, Linden Research/Bad Juju Games, Epic Games,, OnLive, Electronic Arts, Raptr, Rockstar/Take Two Interactive, Valve, Ubisoft.
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Pure and elegant design,love it ! Thxs

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I want to thank you for this; I've run out of easily found locations on my PC for the old GOG icon and your work here just the kind of thing I needed to replace "purple circle with gradient" for the galaxy 2.0 icon.

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Created one in the same style for xbox:

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Could you make also for Microsoft Store? They also sell games and give freebies. /EDIT I made myself something

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a slightly higher resolution version:

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This is perfect ! My games folder needed this !

Would you accept to provide PSD (or equivalent) files so I can make new and/or modify colors of some icons ? Many thanks in advance !

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Very nice. I'm using this icons for my StreamDeck. Many thanks!

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Any chance you could make a Discord one like these?

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Yeah, that should be doable. Dunno when i'll find the time, so feel free to bug me again in a couple of weeks if you haven't heard back from me by then :)
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Hi, can we use in Windows 10 OS?
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Thank you a lot. Can you make in the same grey style Facebook Gameroom icon? If possible these with same style but with respective solors:: Skype, Teamspeak,  Discors icon?
Thank you in advance
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I can try, though i don't have the time to dive into making a new set at the moment…
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Can I use this in a website? :) And can you make a "rockstar" one?
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Yes, you can. But according to the Creatice Commons licence, you'll have to link back to this page. (Somewhere small will do, and a "rotane" text would be nice.)

I'll add a Rockstar one next time.
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Any chance you could make these icons without the background?
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I don't think so. They wouldn't sit very well without a frame (especially those that are cut off by it), and they'd blend in too much with a lighter desktop wallpaper (or the white explorer window). But if you're really desperate for them, i can send you a zip file…
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I'd appreciate it if it's no bother.
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I was looking for something like this. Thank you for making it. You should make one for Raptr to. :D 
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Sorry it took so long! I've just added an icon for Raptr.
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You are absolutely right! I'll add that one as soon as i'm back home. Cheers! 
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