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Welcome to my deviantART portfolio... just a collection of my arts over the years!

Like so many of us, I started making some drawings in childhood, which grew to paintings and more professional drawings in adolescence. Back in those days, with no computer whatsoever, I split my time with traditional painting courses and regular school, and wondered which love I would pursue for the rest of my life, the love for arts, or the love for animals.

When college arrived, I tried one semester at the Visual Arts course and drop it, as it wasn't exactly what I expected. So I went on with my other passion, and started the Vet Medicine course. It would all go very well, if another love would not suddenly appear... the internet! Soon I'd see myself attending (or rather sleeping over) vet classes at day, and unofficially working as a webmaster all night long, making sites for me and my friends... it came to a point where I was up to drop another college, when I decided I had already worked too hard and wanted my diploma no matter what, so I went on until graduating at the vet course - only to become officially employed as a front-end developer 2 months later! =P

By this time I already had many years of internet programming on my back, but still found hard to make consistent and professional layouts, so I went back to college, for a Graphic Designer Associate degree. That's when I integrated desktop publishing in my portfolio. Fashion jewelry design and photography were already my hobbies, and, for my wedding, I decided to make my own cake topper figurine - since then, I've been making a number of air-dry clay figurines, for weddings and other occasions.

Today I continue to work regularly as a front-end developer / web designer and as a freelancer graphic designer and artisan. I'm currently avalaible for comissions, freelancing and regular job opportunities. I Hope you like my Deviations and expect to hear from you soon! Thanks for reading! :)