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commission - bee mars

and the next of :iconmwkillkenny84: 5 bees.

now are only
left (in that order)

You want to see it without the watermark then join today [link]

I don't own this character
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This is my favorite of the Sailor Bees! Sailor Mars is my favorite of all of the Sailors. Great work!

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Watch out Moon Bee, this one's on fire! So you better beehave.
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so is there anything left of her personality or is the only thing in her mind "Serve the hive?"
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a little bit is still left
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enough for her to function but not rebel then :)
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for some reason that makes it even cooler. I would love to see the transformation process sometime
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not gona happen with this bees.
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Mars is most likely my top favorite Sailor Senshi....and this...just like Venus...:jawdrop: amazingly beautiful!!
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never heard of hypno bees before but I am liking what I see here.

I love corruption ideas like this :)
Yeah, what a good pic, I love that bee ^^
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thank you very much
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Holy crap. I should have thought of these designs for my Sailor Scouts -> Hypnobees story

This is hot!
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I'm glad you like the design
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Nice look for Mars here, though I wonder if the powers are affected as well.
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I have no idea
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Would make her one heck of a defender.
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Greatly enjoying this series so far, can't wait for bee Jupiter (personal favorite)
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good to hear that
nice as always ;D if your Slayer commissioned the eternal 4 aswell :P
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