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I am open for commercial/client work

I am open for commercial/company work & outsourcing. To contact me, please mail me at

Personal commissions are closed for an indefinite amount of time. I'll update this journal once I have time to draw commissions! Thank you!

Prices & samples


Commission - Opposites by Rosuuri

- Welcome - by Rosuuri

base Price:

- undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 


Complex and cluttered character designs will be simplified

Size: actual size
File: transparent  .png
Background: Background complexity is similar to the sample above. A more complicated bg will cost additional charges!

additional charges:

props: $10-20
Additional Character: base price * # of characters (maximum of 3 characters in one illustration)

HALF BODY & Full body

Commission - LavenderIced by Rosuuri
Commission - Cutesu 2 by Rosuuri

base Price:

Waist-up: $ - undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 
Full-body- undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 


HALFBODY - A5 at 300dpi jpg or png | background: white/solid color/transparent
FULLBODY - A4 at 300dpi jpg or png | background: white/solid color/transparent

Additional Charges:

detailed + cluttered character design: $50
additional character: base price * # of characters (maximum of 3 characters in one illustration)

*I will not do any complicated, full-bg commissions anymore, sorry!

More Samples here: commissions gallery

Terms OF Services


  • Give references and details when you request. Preferably graphic/picture references than textual.
  • Commissioners will pay for the PayPal transaction fee. Accurate paypal fee calculator -
  • The base prices include a default file size and type in the details above.
  • If I have to design your characters, a design fee of $30-80 will apply.
  • I have the right to reject your commission request if I am not comfortable in drawing it.



  • You only get two minor (2) free revisions: once during the sketch stage and once during color blocking stage.
    (minor revisions: additional item, expression changes, etc | major revisions: new pose, new bg, different overall outfit)
  • Additional revisions and major revisions will be charged.

rights & usage

  • DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks and/or use it for commercial products (monetized videos, merchandise, prints, books, etc). If it will be used for profit you may purchase the license from me.
  • I (the artist) has the right to use/sell the finished commissions as part of my portfolio/artbook. Commissioner still owns the copyright to the characters and will be mentioned as the owner of the character. The artworks will not be sold as prints!


  • Refunds and cancellations are accepted as long as it is reasonable. Fees will apply -> cancellation fees

Commissioning me means you agree to the terms of service mentioned.
If you, the client, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsible for your own misconception.


■ Full payment first before the requested art.
■ I only accept PAYPAL


■ step 1 - Read and understand everything above.

■ step 2 - Fill up the order form with the title: "Personal Commission Request"

Paypal email: 
Character name/s:
Character details:
Style: (chibi / fullbody / halfbody)
Additional: (background / additional charas)

■ step 3 - and send it to me through DA notes or email

■ step 4 - I will respond to your note within 24 hours and will ask you to pay via paypal. I will send you an invoice.
Please pay within 1 week. If you can't please specify when and why.

■ step 5 - while I am doing the commission I will send you 2 progress shots. One during the sketch stage and another during the coloring stage.

■ step 6 - I will upload the finished commission in and will send it to you through DA notes.

Current Slots:

C L O S E D / U N A V A I L A B L E 

Commission progress can be found here - PROGRESS REPORT

Personal commission slots are FULL

No waitlist! No plans to open personal commissions for a while!
I will update this journal once I have more time to do commissions in Deviantart~

*Commission ToS updated on 1/22/17

Skin by SimplySilent

Modified by Rosuuri
© 2011 - 2021 Rosuuri
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Animaster888's avatar
are you still open for commissions?
yonaei's avatar
just a quick question if you don't mind, are you by chance still open for commercial commissions? 
michyy145's avatar
How much are the chibis Q-Q
beelzezlover's avatar
I'd love to commission you one day soon, though i just I'll havta win the auction that the only way?
Are there estimated prices for couples ? 
Rosuuri's avatar
For now I can only offer auction slot/s (depends on my workload, I can do 1 or 2) next month > o < 
For reference, My usual rate for a couple fullbody is $480
beelzezlover's avatar
I'd havta save for a little longer lol
I was expected around 200 XD but it's still alright ~
PixiTales's avatar
Can I get a spot on the wait list pretty please? I have money!
Spark1eFountain's avatar
Wait what happened to the wait list? D: Will the people who got their waiting list spot before get their commission or not?
Rosuuri's avatar
Waitlist moved here -…
But due to some unfortunate events/experiences I won't be opening DA commissions for a while! I apologize for the inconvenience > < 
Those in the waitlist will be noted once commissions open again like usual!
kimakuu's avatar
Can someone tell me how she made two columns for chibi and normal drawings?
HitoshiChannel's avatar
Do you still do commissions? D: 
starmic's avatar
didnt quite undestood how much is an art commission like you did for poptaku

god i wish i had the money
ShiningSiria's avatar
XD I'm a selfish potato. If that last waitlist spot is open I'd like to take it XD
Rosuuri's avatar
ahah sure ^^/
ShiningSiria's avatar
I sent payment for my commission some days ago :3 Did you get it?
Rosuuri's avatar
Yes ^^
I received the first half!
Spark1eFountain's avatar
Sent a note ^^ can I have a waiting list spot
AbsoluteDebauchery's avatar
Hello, I wanted to ask if you are still full or not? :3
Aenier's avatar
How long will you be full?
DeathKissuFu's avatar
until the end of September
hiyururi's avatar
what is cluttered character design?
ssfemale's avatar
When you get more open slots please let me know i love your art!!!!
galliana-is-bananas's avatar
Oh god I want a commish from you so bad but it says full ;_;
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