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By Rosuuri
I'm Rosuuri, please call me Rosu or Suu!
I'm a freelance illustrator for 7 years now who draws for game companies mostly in the US, Germany and Japan. 
I'm currently 23 years old based in Makati.

I am self-taught! I finished a design course–Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts* as a Magna Cum Laude when I was 21 for the diploma.
*My college degree did not contribute to the style and work I do now! If you want to go to the same college and course as mine, it will not teach you anything relevant to my style and in the industry I work in.

I am actively replying the most in Twitter and I post a lot of random life stuff (and fangirling over senpais) in Instagram stories. Nice to meet you! ^^/

Please read the rest of the FAQ below for more info!

Art - Facts & Tools

What programs / TOOLS do you use to draw?

Software: Clip Studio Paint EX, Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Photoshop CC 2018

Hardware: Asus Laptop (12gb ram, Core i7-6500U, 64-bit), Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, Razer Tartarus chroma gaming keypad

When did you start drawing ?

I started taking art seriously when I was 15 years old.
I started digital art with a mouse in 2009.

How long does it take you to finish one illustration?

It depends on the complexity. It's usually 3 hours to days.

Are you going to publish and sell your manga Alice's Cross?

No plans of printing and selling a physical copy until I finish around 3-4 chapters.

Do you sketch on the computer or on paper?

I sketch directly on CSP using my tablet. I don't draw on paper unless I'm forced to Orz

Can I draw your character/OC?

Of course you can! Credit/link back to me as the owner AND show it me because i'd love to see it (I will fave and comment) ! ^ o ^ <3

What tool do you use to color?

CURRENT: I use a modified airbrush and mechanical pencil in CSP
Brush: gum.co/kwIED

BEFORE: I use Sai's default Oil Water, Blur and Airbrush tool to blend and make gradients.
Tools and Brush settings: Hair Tutorial by Rosuuri

What canvas size do you use? 

Chibis, headshots and halfbodies - A5 300 dpi
Fullbodies and more complex work - A4 to A2 300 dpi
Manga pages - B5 350 dpi

What is your drawing process?

I answered this in Tumblr - rosuuri.tumblr.com/post/851421…

Art - Services & Usage

Do you take requests?

No, I have no time to draw for myself more so for free. T - T 

Do you take art trades?

No, unless we are close friends


Yes, please email me at rosuuriart@gmail.com and I'll link to my commercial commissions site that includes the ToS, rates, breakdown and procedure
The price is higher than personal commissions because you'll be provided with a full-license for the artwork.

Would you like to participate in "this project" (artbook, contest, doujin, manga, prize) ?

Give it a try and send me a note or email. If I can squeeze the project in my schedule/workload and if I think the payment/compensation is reasonable, I'll join!
Email: rosuuriart@gmail.com

Can I/we use/reupload your art for my/our website/group/avatar or image sharing site?

Yes, you can repost under the following conditions:
  1. My watermark is not covered of cropped off
  2. A link to my sites & original artwork is EASILY found in the description

Yes, you can use it in your YouTube videos/channel as long as you link it back to my Deviantart. If it's a commission piece please note me beforehand.

A few people asked for a donation button for using my work. I finally figured out how to make one... after years of putting it aside. > < ;
Donation button: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

Can I use your art for practice/reference ( copying style, reference etc)?

It's ok! Although sometimes it bothers me if it's a blatant copy without putting your own artistic ideas and twist to the piece and constant denial that it was inspired by my work. 

YES, you can use my art as reference under the following the conditions:
  1. In the description properly state: "Reference Used: [link of my deviation] by rosuuri [link to my da]"
  2. There is no money/contest/or anything else not for practice involved.
I don't know how would I emphasize this but please don't TRACE OR REDRAW unless I gave you permission to.

Could you make a tutorial ?

Hair Tutorial by Rosuuri EYE TUTORIAL by Rosuuri


Who are the artists that inspire you the most?

Nardack, Anmi, Tearfish, Rella, ASK, Rei, Kkuem, Gilse, Namie-kun, Loika, Oliviawhen, Amei Zhao, Natazilla, Barachan

Did you take lessons in drawing or art? 

No, I am self-taught. But I decided to pursue art for the diploma and graduated  in CSB when I was 21 years old.

Course: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Duration: 4 years
School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts
Honors: Magna Cum Laude

Aside from Deviantart, where can I find you? 


Patreon - www.patreon.com/rosuuri
Donate button: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

Social (wips, merch posts and finished pieces)

Twitter - twitter.com/rosuuri
Instagram - www.instagram.com/rosuuriart/ NEW!
Tumblr/Art Blog - rosuuri.tumblr.com/
Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/Rosuuri
Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Z8Z…

Store (charms, prints, posters, books, etc)

Tictail - rosuuri.tictail.com/ (books, charms and small prints)
Society6 - society6.com/rosuuri (large prints, phone cases, pillow cases, etc)

Gallery & Website

Pixiv - www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=29…
Porfolio - www.rosuuri.com/


Alice and Lies - tapastic.com/series/Alices-Cro…
Spider and Rain - tapastic.com/series/Spider-and…
Alice and Lies FB page - www.facebook.com/AlicesCrossMa…

Others I don't use often

Art Station - www.artstation.com/artist/rosu…
Paigeeworld - www.paigeeworld.com/u/rosuuri (USERNAME UPDATED)
Tokyo Otaku Mode - otakumode.com/rosuuri/

Arrange from most active to least. My dead accounts are not listed.

Skin by SimplySilent

Modified by Rosuuri
© 2011 - 2021 Rosuuri
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Fragmented-Starr's avatar
It says you use a modified brush to color, but what are the settings? Does one of your Patreon rewards already explain it? And if so which one?
mariiko-chii's avatar
I really hope that you can come to anime convention in Malaysia then you sell your products there. I would like to get your LL keychain ♡
SakuraAlice33's avatar
OMG! I didn't thought that you were a fellow filipino! proud to be pinoy! hahaha
I am a self taught artist too... hindi nga lang ako kasing galing mo ate~ xD
I also want to pursue art too~ after I graduated in my first course which is I.T~
I really admire your artworks ate <3
shawn1013's avatar
Wow hello there :iconlazeplz: //slapped

I also want to take an art course ( IT student aswell xD )  but theres none of it at my place, sa manila lang xD  i think? :iconlazeplz:
SakuraAlice33's avatar
ahh same here.. There's no good graphic design at my place here either (SOCSARGEN)
But I'll just have to self learn everything. I don't have any other choice.. Oh well.. ^^;
Wew.. This is comment is from last years.. xD
shawn1013's avatar
I see xD
I have no idea where that is xD.. not good with other ph places.
And yeah xD, i saw ur comment while checking rosuu's faq xD
foreverpurity's avatar
have you ever sold at a Texas,USA convention?
Rosuuri's avatar
No I havent > < ;
foreverpurity's avatar
okay, just wondering. 
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
Hey can I ask what your journal skin is?
marilyndraws's avatar
Journal for FAQ by pjuk

Hope this helps!
Mlpfan4688's avatar
Aw, man. I wish you took requests. Is there are any anime artist anywhere that could take a request for my drawing and make it an anime?

Kanchan2011's avatar
You are the youngest artist that I have ever met!!
 I am so happy to meet you and able to see your art so beautifully
ketsamachan's avatar
"...it felt like I was freed from the 11-year-old weabo self." is so funny omg
Blooming-Galaxy's avatar
how do you use your own image for a content holder box?
IchigoNyannn's avatar
My parents don't want me to graduate with art. I get that for some people it doesn't work out and they might end up having trouble finding money. So I'm really impressed and inspired by you ; u ; I'm still a freshman so I don't really know what I want to graduate with but I sway more towards the arts at the moment. Though, it would be a lie to say that I'm not worried about what I am aiming for... Hahaha I'll just have to work harder then! ง> ^<)ง
ONEIRI's avatar
Hi love! I just had a question X3
You have a site to sell prints on tictail, and I wanted to know how that site works??
Like, do you, yourself, print your prints? Or does the company? Do you get the funds yourself??
Sorry if these questions are bothersome D: ! I felt that it's better to get info from others, since the site didn't give me too much info (didn't wanna sign up for it just yet)

edit: Thank you so much for your time!!
UxieWriter's avatar
AHh sorry if you've already answered this and I missed it! >n<
How long do you usually wait to submit a drawing after finishing it? o v o Or does it usually just vary depending on the piece?
Rosuuri's avatar
Ohh! I submit whenever I remember they exist. ;; v ;;
I finish a couple of art a day (mostly for work) and I can't post them right away.
I also only post 1 or 2 art per week because I don't like spamming my watcher's inbox O|-<
Rimui's avatar
uwee ;-; you draw so fast rosu/// *-* only 3 hourss?? gasp >3<
BijouBlue's avatar
what version of manga studio do you use?
eulyin's avatar
I knew you, somewhere from someone shared your LL art
I'm glad to find you at DA ^^

I like how your FAQ arranged~
neat and answer my curiosity(?) about you xD

Looking forward to see more of your works (ˊᗜˋ*)
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