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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Oct 8, 2017, 11:49 PM


work email:

not opening slots or waitlist slots


:iconsparklesplz: :iconvaniraa: :iconsparklesplz:
:iconlady-beiia: :iconelunduil: :iconaustriankangaroo: :iconchokorin: :iconomnijerbear: :icondaevaluque: :iconyangerdanger: :iconomnijerbear: :iconhupposama: :iconastrayedhannah: :iconsojiroh: :iconalex-syan: :iconnyuki7848: :icontimelessrain: :iconnekoibuki: :iconthuthukachoo: :iconscorpiosa-x: :iconhaylau: :iconanangrydragon94: :iconyumijii: :iconvanirue: :icontiribrush:

I offer:

:bulletorange: Mentoring: critique + redlining your art :bulletorange:
:bulletorange: PSD files :bulletorange:
Walkthrough with progress gif
Hi-res illustrations
Hi-res manga pages
Early access to artworks before posting
Patreon exclusive wips

M A N G A /  W E B C O M I C

F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S 


Clip Studio Paint EX & Wacom Cintiq 13HD.


I started drawing digitally around May 2009.


Hair Tutorial by Rosuuri 


Yes you can repost WITH credit/source AND DO NOT CROP OFF THE WATERMARK. Yes you can edit BUT you have to credit me properly as the original source plus a link to any of my art sites.


I would love to! If my workload/schedule is okay with it I'll join! I won't do free art in return of merchandise or free-promotion. > < ! 
The type of work I'm most comfortable doing at the moment are: card game illustrations, game character art and design, visual novel CG scenes (not sprites), book covers, album cover, and character art asset for music videos. I do not accept manga work!


T O - D O  L I S T

Check this to see progress.
Some finished works are removed from the list.
:bulletwhite: not yet started | :bulletyellow: working on it | :bulletblack: done | :bulletred: paused

:bulletblack: Mystic Messenger Fanbook
:bulletwhite: Alice's Cross Manga Chapter 2
:bulletblack: Fate Grand Order Fanbook

D E V I A N T A R T C O M M I S S I O N S :
Progress can be found - HERE

W O R K / C O M M E R C I A L C O M M I S S I O N S :
:bulletyellow: November - full
:bulletwhite: December - full
:bulletwhite: January- full
:bulletwhite: February - full
:bulletwhite: March - full
:bulletwhite: April - open

Thank you so much for all the favorites, watchers, comments, views and for dropping by my page! I hope you have a nice day!

[ENDED] Commission Auction Slots

Tue Jun 6, 2017, 7:42 AM


UPDATE 6/21: slot 1 ending in less than 48 hours! slot 2 has been confirmed and paid for! ^^ 
UPDATE 6/19: autobuy added for slot 2! thank you very much for the bids so far ;o;

Hiya! auctions are open \o/
I'm so nervous I hope this goes well... It's been a while since I did an auction (2 or 3 years ago probably)!
I'm sorry if I couldn't open more than 2 slots. I wasn't even if sure if I could squeeze in more work but I have to stick to my word! > o < !!!

Personal commissions are closed and will not open anytime soon.
For commercial work, please only email me if it's actual work for games, books or events and not for personal use. Schedule is full until mid-September!



  • Serious bidders only! Please bid only when you are sure you have money > < 

  • Bid in the specified "BID HERE" comment to keep it organized

  • Please be respectful in the comments. If the content in this journal offends or agitates you please refrain from leaving hate and just close the page.

  • Please check my gallery to see what I am comfortable at drawing. I can't draw furries and fetishes


  • The highest bidder will be noted after the auction has ended. They have to reply within 24 hours to confirm they are legit bidders.
  • If the highest bidder fails to respond within 24 hours, the second highest bidder will be noted immediately.

  • The highest bidder needs to pay wiithin 2 days since the end of the auction. 

  • Paypal only! No points, coupons, vouchers, etc will be accepted

  • No need to pay additional for transaction fees



commission 259-S-closeup by Rosuuri

You will receive:

  • Single character art
  • Progress shots (6-10 steps)
  • Lineart version (.png)


Starting Bid: US$200
Min. Bid Incr: US$10
Auto-buy: US$ 700
AB by :iconlavendericed: (paid)

>> P L E A S E B I D H E R E ! <<


  • Single character 
  • Range: Head to waist
  • A5 size (5 x 8 inches)
  • jpg / png digital file
  • white or solid color background, no props, no weapons


Please remember the dates below so you could respond to my message in a few days to avoid delays! 

  • The sketch will be sent on or before August 22
  • A colored progress will be sent on August 25 if the commissioner is able to respond in 48 hrs since the sketch progress
  • The finished commission will be sent via da notes or email to the commissioner on August 30


If bid reaches $600+
You can ask for a couple commission no bg or a single character with full background
Don't Cry by Rosuuri
Myu by Rosuuri

SLOT 1 - Chibi + charm

Maid Dragon Charms

You will receive:

  • Single chibi art with 2 expressions
  • 2 pieces of acrylic charms


Starting Bid: US$120
Min. Bid Incr: US$10
Highest Bidder :iconlunascapestudios: (paid)

>> P L E A S E B I D H E R E ! <<


  • You will receive a single character chibi commission in the style presented above.
  • small hand-held prop included (similar to Touru— the right one in the sample)
  • different expression on each side
  • no background 
  • A6 (4 x 6 inches size)
  • 2 pcs; 2 inches; double-sided; clear acrylic charm with candy gloss of the chibi commission

Shipping Fee:

  • International + $8 for regular airmail shipping (2-12 weeks delivery)
    or +$45 for DHL Express shipping (3-5 days)

  • Asia + $6 for regular airmail shipping (2-10 weeks delivery) 
    or +$20 for DHL Express shipping (3-5 days)

Schedule: !important

Please remember the dates below so you could respond to my message in a few days to avoid delays! 

  • The sketch will be sent on or before August 4
  • The digital file will be completed and sent on or before August 10
  • The charms will be sent for production by mid- August
  • I will receive the charms by end of September. I will ship it right away and tracking will be mailed to the commissioner by end of September. 
  • You will receive the charm anytime around October-December (if you chose the regular airmail) or first week of Oct (if DHL express)


If bid reaches $400+ you will get:
2 chibi artworks (it can be a couple or 2 separate chibis)
4 acrylic charms (it can be 4pcs of the couple chibi or 2 charms of each chibi artwork)

*Different expression on each side but not different outfits like the sample above


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Modified by Rosuuri

I am not Nico

Wed Apr 12, 2017, 7:55 PM
I've been receiving notes asking me if I am Nico from IMVU. 
I don't know what IMVU is and I don't have an account there.

i listed all my accounts here -… (scroll at the very bottom) 

I hope this clears everything if ever there are other people pretending to be me. Thank you! 

*edit: I don't go to chat websites/apps... I am too busy with work to be on those orz

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Tue Apr 11, 2017, 9:09 AM
I'm hosting 3 giveaways at the moment. I've listed them below if you guys are interested in the possibility of winning free merch and commission! ^ o ^ /


Thank you for the 15k followers! I hit 15k a few months back but I procrastinated on the giveaway heh;;;

Ending on April 18
Prize: Free headshot commission 

 View Info 


Thank you for all the support during the MM fanbook release and merch sales!

Ending on May 1
Prize: set of merch worth $40+ each 

View Info 


Thanks for the constant support! Also, another form of bonus file because I have not given any bonus file in a while > o <

Ending on May 5 
Prize: A set of art prints 

View Info 

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Tue Jan 24, 2017, 5:58 AM


[UPDATE]: Winners announced!
[UPDATE]: We reached 250 favs! There will be 7 winners!! \ o / 
[UPDATE]: 1 more week left before giveaway ends! \ o / Also a few favorites away before we reach 250 favs meaning we'd get 2 extra winners!

Ok this took awhile-- we're at 61k now. I'm sorry I procrastinated on it and didn't know what kind of giveaway to do _(:3

I'm very VERY GRATEFUL for everyone who has been watching and liking my artworks. It keeps me motivated to improve and get out of my comfort zone to show new artworks every time. Sometimes I can't reply to all the comments but I do my best to reply to everyone on certain deviations. I also do my best to reply to every tweet, ig and fb comments when I can! I also apologize for the... unread notes... I have 80+ at the moment. I don't think I'll ever read all of them but if it is anything important (work-related, art theft, merch inquiries) email me~ T v T /

I know it is not necessary to host a giveaway for such thing but it felt like I want to give out the prizes to those who have been supporting me but couldn't afford pledging in patreon nor purchasing in gumroad. 


Here are the winners for the giveaway!

:iconsilverblossoms: :iconshinnrin: :iconellicchi: :iconyushikuni: :iconnaoriin: :icongokuist: :iconsidesteph:

Thank you so much for everyone who participated! :heart:


Previous Patreon Rewards.

You may read the list of files for each reward set here

Each reward contains:
  • Layered PSD file 
  • Walkthrough (progress shots + explanation)
  • Progress GIF
  • Hi-res image/s
The November reward includes a speedpaint video from sketch to finish.

Your options are from September - December rewards!

December Rewards Summary by Rosuuri
November Rewards + Bonus Speedpaint Video by RosuuriOctober Rewards by RosuuriSeptember Rewards by Rosuuri



Fav this journal and comment (only once) the following in this journal :

  • A link or thumbnail of the first artwork you saw that I drew that is still in my deviantart gallery. (If it's already deleted please choose a different artwork of mine that's present in my Deviatnart gallery only)

  • A few sentences or short paragraph on why did  you watch me here in DA

  • A link or a thumbnail of any artwork you made 

  • A few sentences or a  short paragraph on what part of your art you'd like to improve on or your art goals

  • And other things you want to say~ [optional]


F l u t t e r by Rosuuri 
I saw legs and I expected more legs in your gallery. Something something something I have no idea how to compliment my art. I'm always so critical towards myself lol. So this is just a sample paragraph. 

Kuriyama Mirai Photoshoot by Rosuuri
I want to improve my composition and coloring. My art doesn't have much life in it and it's something that I've been struggling with for a while now. I want to be like my senpais and art gods please. Definitely not a real confession from me, nope T v T

I'm not sure if I can reply to the comments but I will read them all!! ^ o ^ /


I will choose 5 winners!

The winners will be chosen at random 

Each winner is free to choose 1 (one) month of Patreon reward they like.
Patreon rules still apply wherein you can't disclose, distribute and resell the Patreon content you'll be receiving. The rewards are for educational purposes and are meant to help you improve in your art!


If this journal reaches 250 favorites, there will be 7 winners.
If this journal reaches 500 favorites, there will be 10 winners.


Giveaway starts Jan 24, 2017 and ends in February 24, 2017

Winners will be noted and announced around February 26 - 28.


That's it! Have fun!
Thank you so much again for sticking with me and my art :heart:

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Hi! I have so many plans for 2017 and I'm very excited! \ o / 


asgdagag by Rosuuri


My very old manga Alice's Cross took a hiatus 2 years ago. This year, I've decided to pick it up and change a few things!


I will only upload manga updates in Tapastic for the meantime ->
I won't be updating smackjeeves anymore.

Title changed to "Alice and Lies"

I wrote the sequence of events a few weeks ago and made me realize the title Alice's Cross doesn't connect to anything at all in the story. After pitching in a few title ideas, Alice and Lies fits the overall theme!

Manga Cover & Chapter covers changed 

Check Tapastic to view the changes on Chapter 1 and 2's covers. The manga & chapter thumbnails changed as well.

Bi-weekly update

I will update 2 pages every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month.

Support in Patreon

I've added a new reward tier in Patreon exclusive for hi-res manga pages. Exclusive manga wips will be posted in patreon as well
Here is an update of the rewards in a much easier to understand format:

adsfafa by Rosuuri
I attached a sample hi-res manga page in this patreon post.

manga FB page is up again

I removed the Facebook page a couple of months ago and now it's back! I'll be posting update notifications there once  new pages are up in Tapastic.


I will not redraw the first chapter no matter how bad and cringey (the art and grammar) is. I'd like to move on with the story and maybe redraw it slowly when I've finished chapters 2 and 3. 
For new readers, I hope you don't mind the first half of chapter 1 > //// < ;


Asdgsagaga by Rosuuri
Hourglass Fanbook by Rosuuri   asdgagas by Rosuuri

I recently reprinted my Hourglass Mystic Messenger Fanbook!
This will be the last reprint for this book. If you're interested, you can get a copy in my Tictail Shop. There are less than 40 copies left at the moment! ^^

About the pre-order books and all merch 

It will be shipped a week earlier than scheduled woohoo! In fact, I have already shipped about 80 orders so far!

Currently still waiting for a couple of things: 300 straps & the rest of the preorder charms

They were delayed due to the holidays and some UPS mechanical error (which you guys might've seen me tweet about) T - T ;;;

Merch photos and video spams

If you want to see updates of the merch and my struggles during packing. You can follow my instagram account to see them! 

Woo those are a lot of updates!
Thank you so much for reading! \ o / 

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Kiriban Caught

Sat Dec 17, 2016, 7:26 PM


Congratulations to  :iconkawaiilunacchi: & :icontonberrysupra: 
for being the first 2 to note me of the exact kiriban!!!

Let's congratulate the others who almost got it too
:iconspaca: :iconmapuri: :iconiyada: :iconnekoshei: :iconnaorii:

THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!!! I'll be hosting a giveaway soon (early January)! \ o /

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Kiriban + Updates + Feature

Sun Jul 24, 2016, 6:20 AM
Hi guys! I know I havent been interacting as much as I used to before and I thought having a kiriban + feature journal like usual would make things a bit more interesting here! ^ o ^ )/


The next kiriban is at 1,200,000 pagviews and there will be 2 winners. The first 2 who can send me a screenshot of my 1,200,000 kiriban will win a chibi commission like this below:
Commission - Opposites by Rosuuri



My Luminosity artbook is still up for online orders! There are about less than 30 left!.  won't be reprinting anymore so do get a copy while you still can!

is a collection of illustrations I've drawn over 2013-2016.

 Bullet; Blue ROSUURI'S ART SHOP (TICATIL) Bullet; Blue


Bullet; Blue B5 size ( 7 x 10 inches)

Bullet; Blue 36 pages excluding  cover

Bullet; Blue Full-colour

Bullet; Blue Perfect Bound

Luminosity Artbook Cover by Rosuuri

Keychain / Merch

I'm also preparing a bunch of new keychains (probably 20 new designs) so do follow me in Twitter for the quickest updates and my Tictail Store!


I won't be opening personal commissions next month. I know some people are expecting that I'll open on August but work and merchandise making has been keeping me busy. I think I'll be able to open on September onwards but this is still subject to change.


I was thinking of making a feature journal twice a month just for the month of August! I'll be a surgery during the month so I'd have a little less time (maybe just one week) to draw more time to be active online! \ o /

Ok so... to be featured, you have to post a comment on this journal containing:
  1. Link / thumb of 1 artwork you like best in my gallery
  2. Link / thumb of 1 artwork you like best in your gallery (this will be featured in the journal next month)
  3. Link / thumb of 1 artwork you like best in your friend's gallery (this will be featured in the journal next month)

I'll only feature 20 artworks in each journal!

That's it! ^ o ^ /:heart:
Have a nice day guys and thank you for reading!

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I haven't thanked you guys for reaching 50k watchers here in Deviantart!!
I have never imagined I'd reach that much and it's all thanks to you all. :heart:

Untitled-8 by Rosuuri

In return, I'll be doing another Kiriban!


:icondark-arctic-fox: and :iconanimangeleon:

Thank you for everyone who participated!!!

I'm sorry if I couldn't reply to the notes there were too many and I got busy during the weekend it happened sobs; - ;

There will be two winners/ The first person who notes me/catches my 999,999 pageviews will get a sketch commission (sample below).
Sketch Commissions 1 by Rosuuri  Sketch Commissions 3 by Rosuuri
While the first person to catch my 1,000,000 pageviews will get a colored headshot commission (sample below).

  • Take a screenshot, upload and send it to me through DA notes. Please do not comment on my profile
  • Do not edit / alter your screenshot. NO CHEATING PLEASE
  • You can only win one of the prizes even if you are the first one to send both pageview screenshots

Have fun!
Thank you for reading

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Tue Feb 2, 2016, 7:20 PM
SCREAMS!!! Thank you so much for the lovely birthday gift art and greetings!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thank you for spoiling me /hit

Pinku by Astariku
Happy Birthday Rosuuri! by Fuyushiro Into the Abyss by Akariinnn Happy Birthday Rosuuri !! [G] by Chrisielle
Warm Raindrops by saruicchi
Pinku by AliciaSweetz
Pink - Happy Birthday Rosuuri! by Ariida-chi Red And Blue Balloon by Iru-kun GIFT: Rosuuri by Shinnrin

Caged by Kururew 
Light Rapier by Kururew  {GIFT} Lachesis - Rosuuri Bday Gift 2016 by IsoChi Gift from Rosuuri - Lachesis by PlummedOr <da:thumb id="588273172"/>
Happy Birthday Rosuuri! by Ravenide

And many more outside DA ;; 3 ;;

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Sun Oct 18, 2015, 5:07 AM
WHOA !!!!
That's really the first thing I said when I saw the notes and comments. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and did their best camping at my page! ( ᐛ )و


:iconfuyushiro: & :iconrunawaywithyou:


((edit: I forgot I did say there will be 2 winners))

\\ ٩( ᐛ )و //

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Fri Oct 16, 2015, 5:17 AM
Hello! After a year of procrastinating, I managed to create a Patreon page!

Do support me in >> PATREON <<

Thank you for viewing!

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Kiriban at 888,888

Fri Aug 14, 2015, 6:40 AM
Posting the info early before I forget to announce it just like the previous kiriban _(:3

✧ ✧ ✧

The next kiriban is at my  888,888th pageview!

The first and second person to note me a screenshot will win a headshot doodle like this:
Kiriban Prize - Kara by Rosuuri Ene Doodle by Rosuuri

✧ ✧ ✧

Goodluck and have fun!


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Manga Reprint + Kiriban CAUGHT

Fri May 1, 2015, 8:02 PM
I've reprinted my Spider and Rain comic which you can purchase here -> STORENVY
Spider and Rain Comic by Rosuuri


Also, I just realized my 777,777 pv is near and I haven't announced the prize and procedure for it /slapped

There will only be one winner for the 777,777 kiriban and that would be the first person to note me a screenshot.
The winner will get a colored headshot sketch something like this:

Ene Doodle by Rosuuri

Goodluck and have fun! :heart:

Thank you so much for reading!! ; 3 ;

:iconhappytearplz: :iconasdfghplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconamgtouchplz: :iconuguufaceplz: :iconlazycryplz: :icontouchplz: :iconloveloveplz: :iconbrightfutureplz: :iconallmyloveplz: :iconheadmassageplz: :iconmanlytearplz: :icondivaplz: :iconkawaiipandaplz: :iconslashshine: :iconcraiplz: :iconpapcryplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconsawbplz: :iconamericawhyplz: :iconwooowplz: :iconinnocent1plz: :iconblushthanksplz: :iconadamblackpp: :iconsadadamplz: :iconlazeplz: :iconlazyinviteplz: :iconlazeflirtplz: :iconlazystabplz: :iconlazywaveplz: :iconlazingplz: :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconsupertackleplz: :iconbravoplz: :iconsupertighthugplz: :icon2kitaplz: :iconpapmingplz: :icontuzkiwiggledanceplz: :iconwtfbbqplz: :iconstars-plz: :icontuzkisnogplz: :icontuzkiyesplz: :icontuzkidramaplz:  :icontuzkiflailplz: :icontuzkistrokeplz: :icontuzkitableflipplz: :icontuzkiblushplz:  :iconrabbit-kun: :icontuzkistabplz: :iconuhuhuhuplz: :iconshadowedplz: :iconheblushplz: :iconhecryplz: :iconomgcryplz: :iconthegloryofplz:

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Thank you + Feature

Wed Feb 4, 2015, 4:05 AM
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and a whole bunch of gift art aksjflkaga ;;; 7 ;; :heart:

I'm sorry if I won't be able to reply to the comments and notes! I do try my best to comment on the gift arts, at least. I do read everything, I just don't have time to reply to all. :iconlazycryplz:

including recent gift art I got prior to my bday ^ o ^ ) :heart:

G: Pinku~ by KWVS HBD ROSUURI ! by saruicchi [Gift] Happy Birthday, Rosu-san~~ by RozuuShidow B-Day Gift for Rosuuri by Hiromi-Pio
  HBD Rosuuri by Skunkyfly HBD Suu by klaukezia Pinku for Rosuuri! by ShikaFuka17
can not handle all the pinkus by kumashige ! Happy Birthday Rosuuri ! by BluAjisai

Happy Birthday Rosuuri by emeow64 [G] 02.01.15 - Happy Birthday, Rosuuri-senpai! by reeno-tsun Pinku! by lemonberriie {HBD} Rosuuri by Ringarune
Kokotea's Contest Challenge [Gift For Rosuuri] by lemonberriie Pinku Fanart by Iru-kun [GIFT] To Rosuuri-san by mikanchii <da:thumb id="507434767"/>

:bigthumb511108710: HBD: Dive into the tea by shinkusora

Rini by ripepperoni Rini:. fanart by Nicookiie<da:thumb id="497301130"/> Happy Birthday by kosho5341
Pinku by YamiiChann SS - parfait by kumashige Fanart Batch by CuteNikeChan Merry x-mas Rosuuri by Mikashi
.Teru teru bozu. by Hetiru :bigthumb510947568:
Pinku by Sachi-pon

View more giftart/fanart here:  Alice's Cross , Spider and Rain and Misc


Thank you for the points:  primalfuryan nomaii barbarian-jk

ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

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Modified by Rosuuri


Fri Dec 19, 2014, 5:40 PM

Hello! It's that time of the year again. Time for a Christmas Hunt!

You need to find all 7 Pinkus holding a letter card like this all over my da profile > Z1 by Rosuuri

They form a word and that word is important as well!

*the one in this journal is not counted. You are looking for something 2x or 3x smaller than this! Goodluck ; v ; b


1 :iconxionmei:  Yin and Yang by xionmei
2 :iconsnow-lantern: <da:thumb id="495881402"/>
3 :iconsokeihugsyou: For Sky by SokeiHugsYou
4. :iconmoondust70:
5. :iconsachi-pon: Heloise by Sachi-pon
6. :iconresake: RWBWHYYYYYY by resake
7. :iconjunshiro: <da:thumb id="355005341"/>
8. :iconmimorumimoru:  <da:thumb id="454756584"/>
9. :iconalloci: Harpy by Alloci
10.  :iconloafking: Cerberus by loafking


They found  all the letters and got the word right but didn't make it to the top 10 ; 7 ; / Thank you so much for the hardwork guys!!

:iconlentyrn: :iconbanannumon: :iconrecilince: :iconsailorpigeon: :icondeanahere: :iconhamu2: :iconjanirotluvx: :iconimikatan: :iconbingboo:  :iconero-pinku: :iconrce-ordinary: :iconmochiji:  :iconkiwiichu: :iconcoffee-kouhai:



1. You have to find all 7 Pinku with letter cards (no need to be in order)

2. You can (CHOOSE ONE ONLY)

 screenshot the places where you found it

link me to the 7 different pages where you found it or

describe the place/location where you found the LETTERS.

3. You need to note me ASAP the ff:

    Subject: CHRISTMAS HUNT 2014
                        Word: (The word formed after finding all the letters)
                        Location: (the 7 locations where you found the letters)


  • Your note (entry) will only be counted if it contains both the word and the 7 locations. You can't send two separate notes.

  • Winners are determined by who notes me first, so find them fast!!!

  • Christmas hunt ends when 10 people found all the letters!

  • HAVE FUN!!!



R - (on the art itself)
U - (description)
O -profile (disclaimer)
L -… ("do you take commissions" question)
P -… (folder description)
H -… (emotes section on the side in the middle of tuzkis, 2nd/3rd to the last column)


  • The Pinku with letter cards are different on each location, some are black and white while some are colored. There are some that blends in with their environment so be careful not to miss them!

  • There are only 7 letters (there are no dummy letters)

  • They are all in my deviantart profile (gallery, journals, comments,  etc)


  • First place :
 1 free headshot sketch commission or you get a random print / keychain from my store which will be delivered to your home for free (including shipping)

  • Second place:
1 headshot sketch commission

  • Third to Fifth place:
300 points each

The first 10 that notes me the correct word and locations will be featured in this journal  and i'll be featuring one art that I like from your gallery alongside your da icon!



hello teamwork in the comments pfft

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Sat Feb 1, 2014, 7:22 PM
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and gifts!!!
There's too many comments & notes, it's impossible to reply to all but I read most of them, thank you so much as well!!! asdfjksalg gaaaah i'm so happy ide 
:heart: :iconlazycryplz:

Birthday gifts in DA:
gaaaah everyone's art is precious /tears up

(Belated) Birthday Gift for Rosuuri! by Link-Pikachu<da:thumb id="431558204"/> Hbd rosuuri! by Vieralune Pink by witchIings <da:thumb id="431115958"/> Happ Birthday Rosuuri!! by reeno-tsun
happy birthday WAIFU! by kumashige <da:thumb id="430115833"/>   Happy Birthday~ by Ravenide Birthday gift for Rosuuri by marilatte Chibi Chibi Dumpu by xionmei HBD: Suu by KooRiiko 
<da:thumb id="430976243"/>  HBD SUU -SENPAI!!! by ARTsunemiku ~Rini~ by candykiki Rini -Gift- by wafflerp Happy Brithday Rosuuri! by Kaze-Ki  HBD Rosuuri by Maruuki
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Skech commission ( FULL )

Tue Nov 19, 2013, 3:56 AM


I'm opening $30 shoulder-up/headshot sketch commissions. 700 x 700 px in size.

sample below:

How to order:

If you are interested please note me:


character name:
character references:



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Full-colored commissions

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Personal Commissions - FULL

Tue May 17, 2011, 4:11 AM

I am open for commercial/client work

I am open for commercial/client work & outsourcing. To contact me, please mail me at

Personal commissions are closed for an indefinite amount of time. I'll update this journal once I have time to draw commissions! Thank you!

Prices & samples


Commission - Opposites by Rosuuri

- Welcome - by Rosuuri

base Price:

- undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 


Complex and cluttered character designs will be simplified

Size: actual size
File: transparent  .png
Background: Background complexity is similar to the sample above. A more complicated bg will cost additional charges!

additional charges:

props: $10-20
Additional Character: base price * # of characters (maximum of 3 characters in one illustration)

HALF BODY & Full body

Commission - LavenderIced by Rosuuri
Commission - Cutesu 2 by Rosuuri

base Price:

Waist-up: $ - undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 
Full-body- undisclosed to avoid complaints in the comments - 


HALFBODY - A5 at 300dpi jpg or png | background: white/solid color/transparent
FULLBODY - A4 at 300dpi jpg or png | background: white/solid color/transparent

Additional Charges:

detailed + cluttered character design: $50
additional character: base price * # of characters (maximum of 3 characters in one illustration)

*I will not do any complicated, full-bg commissions anymore, sorry!

More Samples here: commissions gallery

Terms OF Services


  • Give references and details when you request. Preferably graphic/picture references than textual.
  • Commissioners will pay for the PayPal transaction fee. Accurate paypal fee calculator -
  • The base prices include a default file size and type in the details above.
  • If I have to design your characters, a design fee of $30-80 will apply.
  • I have the right to reject your commission request if I am not comfortable in drawing it.



  • You only get two minor (2) free revisions: once during the sketch stage and once during color blocking stage.
    (minor revisions: additional item, expression changes, etc | major revisions: new pose, new bg, different overall outfit)
  • Additional revisions and major revisions will be charged.

rights & usage

  • DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks and/or use it for commercial products (monetized videos, merchandise, prints, books, etc). If it will be used for profit you may purchase the license from me.
  • I (the artist) has the right to use/sell the finished commissions as part of my portfolio/artbook. Commissioner still owns the copyright to the characters and will be mentioned as the owner of the character. The artworks will not be sold as prints!


  • Refunds and cancellations are accepted as long as it is reasonable. Fees will apply -> cancellation fees

Commissioning me means you agree to the terms of service mentioned.
If you, the client, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsible for your own misconception.


■ Full payment first before the requested art.
■ I only accept PAYPAL


■ step 1 - Read and understand everything above.

■ step 2 - Fill up the order form with the title: "Personal Commission Request"

Paypal email: 
Character name/s:
Character details:
Style: (chibi / fullbody / halfbody)
Additional: (background / additional charas)

■ step 3 - and send it to me through DA notes or email

■ step 4 - I will respond to your note within 24 hours and will ask you to pay via paypal. I will send you an invoice.
Please pay within 1 week. If you can't please specify when and why.

■ step 5 - while I am doing the commission I will send you 2 progress shots. One during the sketch stage and another during the coloring stage.

■ step 6 - I will upload the finished commission in and will send it to you through DA notes.

Current Slots:

C L O S E D / U N A V A I L A B L E 

Commission progress can be found here - PROGRESS REPORT

Personal commission slots are FULL

No waitlist! No plans to open personal commissions for a while!
I will update this journal once I have more time to do commissions in Deviantart~

*Commission ToS updated on 1/22/17

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Modified by Rosuuri

FAQ (updated 11/22/17)

Tue Apr 26, 2011, 7:50 PM
I'm Rosuuri, please call me Rosu or Suu!
I'm a freelance illustrator for 7 years now who draws for game companies mostly in the US, Germany and Japan. 
I'm currently 23 years old based in Makati.

I am self-taught! I finished a design course–Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts* as a Magna Cum Laude when I was 21 for the diploma.
*My college degree did not contribute to the style and work I do now! If you want to go to the same college and course as mine, it will not teach you anything relevant to my style and in the industry I work in.

I am actively replying the most in Twitter and I post a lot of random life stuff (and fangirling over senpais) in Instagram stories. Nice to meet you! ^^/

Please read the rest of the FAQ below for more info!

Art - Facts & Tools

What programs / TOOLS do you use to draw?

Software: Clip Studio Paint EX, Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Photoshop CC 2018

Hardware: Asus Laptop (12gb ram, Core i7-6500U, 64-bit), Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, Razer Tartarus chroma gaming keypad

When did you start drawing ?

I started taking art seriously when I was 15 years old.
I started digital art with a mouse in 2009.

How long does it take you to finish one illustration?

It depends on the complexity. It's usually 3 hours to days.

Are you going to publish and sell your manga Alice's Cross?

No plans of printing and selling a physical copy until I finish around 3-4 chapters.

Do you sketch on the computer or on paper?

I sketch directly on CSP using my tablet. I don't draw on paper unless I'm forced to Orz

Can I draw your character/OC?

Of course you can! Credit/link back to me as the owner AND show it me because i'd love to see it (I will fave and comment) ! ^ o ^ <3

What tool do you use to color?

CURRENT: I use a modified airbrush and mechanical pencil in CSP

BEFORE: I use Sai's default Oil Water, Blur and Airbrush tool to blend and make gradients.
Tools and Brush settings: Hair Tutorial by Rosuuri

What canvas size do you use? 

Chibis, headshots and halfbodies - A5 300 dpi
Fullbodies and more complex work - A4 to A2 300 dpi
Manga pages - B5 350 dpi

What is your drawing process?

I answered this in Tumblr -…

Art - Services & Usage

Do you take requests?

No, I have no time to draw for myself more so for free. T - T 

Do you take art trades?

No, unless we are close friends


Yes, please email me at and I'll link to my commercial commissions site that includes the ToS, rates, breakdown and procedure
The price is higher than personal commissions because you'll be provided with a full-license for the artwork.

Would you like to participate in "this project" (artbook, contest, doujin, manga, prize) ?

Give it a try and send me a note or email. If I can squeeze the project in my schedule/workload and if I think the payment/compensation is reasonable, I'll join!

Can I/we use/reupload your art for my/our website/group/avatar or image sharing site?

Yes, you can repost under the following conditions:
  1. My watermark is not covered of cropped off
  2. A link to my sites & original artwork is EASILY found in the description

Yes, you can use it in your YouTube videos/channel as long as you link it back to my Deviantart. If it's a commission piece please note me beforehand.

A few people asked for a donation button for using my work. I finally figured out how to make one... after years of putting it aside. > < ;
Donation button:…

Can I use your art for practice/reference ( copying style, reference etc)?

It's ok! Although sometimes it bothers me if it's a blatant copy without putting your own artistic ideas and twist to the piece and constant denial that it was inspired by my work. 

YES, you can use my art as reference under the following the conditions:
  1. In the description properly state: "Reference Used: [link of my deviation] by rosuuri [link to my da]"
  2. There is no money/contest/or anything else not for practice involved.
I don't know how would I emphasize this but please don't TRACE OR REDRAW unless I gave you permission to.

Could you make a tutorial ?

Hair Tutorial by Rosuuri EYE TUTORIAL by Rosuuri


Who are the artists that inspire you the most?

Nardack, Anmi, Tearfish, Rella, ASK, Rei, Kkuem, Gilse, Namie-kun, Loika, Oliviawhen, Amei Zhao, Natazilla, Barachan

Did you take lessons in drawing or art? 

No, I am self-taught. But I decided to pursue art for the diploma and graduated  in CSB when I was 21 years old.

Course: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Duration: 4 years
School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts
Honors: Magna Cum Laude

Aside from Deviantart, where can I find you? 


Patreon -
Donate button:…

Social (wips, merch posts and finished pieces)

Twitter -
Instagram - NEW!
Tumblr/Art Blog -
Facebook Page -
Youtube -…

Store (charms, prints, posters, books, etc)

Tictail - (books, charms and small prints)
Society6 - (large prints, phone cases, pillow cases, etc)

Gallery & Website

Pixiv -…
Porfolio -


Alice and Lies -…
Spider and Rain -…
Alice and Lies FB page -…

Others I don't use often

Art Station -…
Paigeeworld - (USERNAME UPDATED)
Tokyo Otaku Mode -

Arrange from most active to least. My dead accounts are not listed.

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Modified by Rosuuri