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Fullbody + bg commission for enzouke 

This was the first artwork I finished this 2017 back around first week of January! It's a good start! 
My new year resolution for 2017 is to draw more detailed bg and more interesting composition.
So far, I am not doing well on that haha;;; But I've sketched out 2-3 detailed pieces and now all I have to do is finish them (cries).

The characters are Saeko-- a yandere stalker and Akashi-- a poor man who has to deal with her.
When I first saw their ref, they gave me a power couple vibe! very edgy very cool very dramatic

I wanted to draw them in an intimate pose some Saeko thighs but Akashi isn't into Saeko much so... it's only her who is wrapped all over him.
Anyways, they are the coolest characters ever, I love them! :heart:

Love Hate by Rosuuri

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My first thought- The girl has scissors, and the guy has a sword... what kind of relationship are they in?
Then I read she's yandere- What a cute couple!
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Schizophrenics are usually also diabetic; he could spoil her on sweets until she goes into a coma.
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HELLO WHAT Is the name of this anime/name
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It's not an anime, they're two original characters.
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This is EPIC! The throne, the flowers, the's all fantastic!
Can i  make a fan made music theme for them? pless? i do orchestral music :c *sorry my inglish*
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Hi, I'm the original creator of them and you can if you like. ^ q ^/
I would love to see the final product if that's okay with you~
i make it i intend to be a theme of ther love side of thir relationship tha  is why is so slow and relax . hope you like it…
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The free download button is on... It would be painful for the one who commissioned you that anyone can get the original file :( 
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It's not the original file. It's still the same as file you see whether you download it or not
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oh okay, good ^_^
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This may not be an anime, but it really should be. I'm getting some "Fate/..." vibes from this. :D
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Simply love that background.
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Wow!!! Amazing work! :heart:
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This is stunning and portrays the characters really really well ♥️💜
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that throne is so amazing  *.*
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I love the lighting on the characters
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love the lighting
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This is so beautiful~ Inekoitplz 
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Omg this is so amazinggg~!! I love how you make this throne! And this flowers.. omgg~!! Your arts are always so beautiful and interesting~!! I totally love everything on this drawing~!! Great work sweetie!! I can't wait for moarrrr >www< :heart:
And have a nice day!! :heart:
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