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Hello Lillie

1 out of 2 illustrations I did of Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon
I'll upload the other one tomorrow~
Goodbye Lillie by Rosuuri

Uploaded in Pixiv ->…
and in Twitter ->…

Postcards of this will be added in Tictail ( ) tomorrow! \ o / 

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this is mesmerizing!
EllyTheTomodachi's avatar
Nice use of colors there!
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Lillie! :heart: I really like her. She's a nice refreshing touch for an NPC,
considering she had a notable amount of development over the course of the game.
I'm hoping she makes more appearances in future games.
EndlessDoesGaming's avatar
Woah! The amount of Detail is Awesome! Beautiful!
AzureRat's avatar
Personally like her dress more so than trainer version. :o
Ani-Eimi's avatar
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adorable expression :)
25fire7525's avatar
She's sooooo pure of heart
landra15's avatar
Nice. Cute expression. She looks like a tsundere.^^
Drawn-with-Passion's avatar
for a minute i thought it was a screenshot/CG of a dating sim game.
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I adore her headstrong expression, that alone makes the work outstanding. Still, the rest of the character is depicted well too. Also, the background, while simple, complements the character as well (the glare effect is a nice touch).
Burigu's avatar
Without doubt one of the best characters Pokémon have given us, hope to see her again someday!
Pokky-chan's avatar
Yeah, the Gladio/Lillie's siblings are just OMG. Gladio looks so tortured it's amazing. But he's such a tsundere too omg I can't stop fangirling.
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Shes pretty :lovelyeyes: 
AshlyStorm's avatar
Wonderful. So beautiful haircut. I love braids
cicadaa's avatar
aaa my girlll Heart bum 
arieoll's avatar
That expression she's making were sooo adorable!! >.<
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Lillie <3 In my Opinion May one of the greatest Pokemon Game Characteres in History. ♥
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