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Hair Tutorial

I've been getting a lot of asks in tumblr on how I color hair and my brush settings.
I don't really do anything special in coloring nor have special brushes. In fact, it's just pretty simple and to prove that, here's the tut with little explanations. /sorryi'mbadatexplaining;

tumblr post:…
Program used: Paint Tool Sai
Old eye tutorial:

Thank you for supporting me as an artist! Here's a little something for everyone _(:3)rz I hope it helps

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this helps a lot

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Thank you thank you very much
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ugh thais was amazing thank yoooou x
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This tutorial is very useful! You are a wonderful artist!~:iconrainbowheartplz:
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This is really helpful! But I can't draw hair ;-;
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Omg this is very helpful !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 
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OML, it's Chara from Undertale!!!
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Lol also she has brown eye.
So sorry but you're annoying
like this :v
Emily071's avatar
Lol are you retarded?
You can't always think short hair is chara.
At least say this is helpful or not. this is spamlike. ^^

Also. Please look to your mouth because lots of people have been Anti-Undertale because of misunderstanding the comments.
RessurectedNightmare's avatar
Quite rude of you to call someone retarded over an Undertale comment. Possibly they just really liked the game?
Honestly it'd be the same as if someone were to call you retarded for liking anime.
I'm not sure if there's like some sort of backstory here but lol just chill, friend.
Kawaii-Potato-Queen's avatar
Listen, I understand I'd you dislike undertale.....but we all have our own preferences. I have always thought Chara had brown eyes and when she would kill, they turned red. If you think I am retarded, you are most certainly right.....but think before you speak because you might hurt someone more than what they are already feeling. I am not trying to be mean in any way possible, but it is disrespectful and rude to call a person retarded based on their opinions. I hope you change and do good.....because it will go a long ways.
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Yes, I know.
But Undertale fans have hurted us
Much more .
They don't even respect the original works.

Sorry lol but I won't be kind,
on this kind of comment .

:V not my type to forgive anymore
its my revenge
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I know it's 2019 now, but I feel like this advice is important to consider regardless of how much time has gone by:
The individual is not the group.
Just because 13 different people walk through my yard, that doesn't mean I have any right to verbally assault the 14th person who decided to take a shortcut. He does not know about the crimes of the 13 people before him. What he did was rude, but not malicious. If I yell and assault him, claiming he is the reason my grass is dead, that is malicious.
You cannot pin the crimes of those who came before on the person you are faced with now. Human beings are not a hivemind. It doesn't matter if it's 13 people walking across your grass, or 300 people assuming everything has a connection to their favorite topic. Person 301 cannot be made the fall guy when he knows nothing of the past or how it affects you.

This is true for all people, in all regards.

I sincerely hope you're a happier person today, and have a splendid Spring. ♥
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lmao who gives a shit if you were hurted, this is the internet so you just gotta deal with it.
coconutrampage's avatar
Sorry but you being 'hurted' doesn't justify calling someone not even mentioning you originally retarded ;-( Boohoo you were 'hurted'
IPirateGames's avatar
Jesus christ they just assumed it was an Undertale character. Why do you have to call em retarded? If anything, you're just hating on a comment that assumed something, and that makes you the retard here.
N30nM1st's avatar
Lmao, if you don't like a comment, then ignore it. Are you retarded? Not all Undertable fans are bad people. He/She honestly said nothing wrong.
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Rosuuri, thank you so much for this tutorial, it has helped me a lot really!! <3 <3 Thanks so much~~
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how to colour the line art properly?? ;-;
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Add a new layer on top of the lineart layer, then check the clipping mode.  Voila!  Now you can color the lineart however you want!
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It's helpful. Thanks
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It helps THX.
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