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random headshot of Emilia because I wanted to experiment on coloring a bit BUUUUT it didn't turn out anything different orz

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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
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can you believe this, oh my god
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Critique me please. And give tips and i am ready to listen if you will spare your time to help me. beautiful work
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Wow.  Love that hair and those eyes.
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I love how you colored the eyes. You made them so colorful and beautiful!
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this is  so beautiful +fav Heart 

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Aaaa she is so beautiful~!!! I totally love how you shade her hairr!! Looks so pretty!! And her eyes? Omg!! They are so beautiful!!! I love it sweetie! :heart:
Have a nice day bby!!
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so beautiful! ^_^
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love your art
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this is beautiful!!! ^^
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I LOVE EMILIA[ Icon #51 ] Emilia 
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your art is perfection
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I think Emilia is fine, I like her.
Maybe she is a bit of mary-sue and useless.
She is not tsundere/yandere,having her own personality and great heart. 
I totally ship her with Subaru btw :D
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Emilia isn't a Mary-Sue though, I don't know if you read the novel, and only watched the anime but she had less screentime, plus, she did fight someone and didn't cry or anything.
Although I agree with you, she has a great heart, and Emilia and Subaru should be canon already!! XD
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Love the coloring and lighting on her hair, it looks like glass :heart:
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love the softer lighting you put :>
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Love the eyes.
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WOW This is gorgeous!! I love the slight transparency in the hair- it gives it such a nice touch but doesn't take away from the hair itself! I love the blue pupils + the pale blue lighting in the hair as well :heart: 
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