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50 m2

A one 50m2 room with hall, mainroom and kitchen.
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so neat!, take a look at my work its similar, you will like it, but its much more simplier
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great render!! though I think that maybe there is too much reflection on the roof.. for my taste anyway hehe.. great work!!
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Amazing work ! :clap:
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Привіт! де ти пропав ?? я вже 2 дні дзвоню...
іс нот вері найс...
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I love the image too much, but I think that the upper surface should not be that glossy. But it's a question of taste...
rOSTyk's avatar
upper surface?
it is celling?
mayamox's avatar
yes the celling I think that i shouldn't be that glossy.

But anyway the picture is awesomeeeeeee!! :D
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Looks realy nice :clap:
Love colors and design
KTamas's avatar
laranity's avatar
really pretty :O!
SoraJhannoa's avatar
looks like a show room from ikea O_o or like a furniture shop... or a show house. very realistic looking and i really like the sofa s :3 the fish tank is awesome too. great designing there ^^
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nice work
but the reflection on the ceiling would drive me crazy :lol:
MaxFreak's avatar
Nice :) Modeling looks good :nod:
chickin's avatar
the wood flooring seems kind of odd. but all the other materials look great. nice lighting! :]
OhlookitsMatty's avatar
That is a beautiful room but you may want to ture down the reflection on the roof, its to much like a mirror

Athziri's avatar
Excelent work!!!

i love it =D
pley's avatar
The natural lighting in this scene really does look natural. Excellent!
ljmi's avatar
nice work! love the colors ! perfect
iXneonXi's avatar
Do you have a link to your computer specs???
Seriously dude you must be using one rad computer, anyway you could sell houses with this skill.
rOSTyk's avatar
in my profile:
Tools of the Trade: Athlon 64X2 3800//2G RAM//250Gb HDD//ATI X1600Pro//19''CRT

I just want to complite own repeir and remastering of my residental house.
iXneonXi's avatar
One day I'm going to get one of those Mac Pros.. One day.
Anyway the X2 is really good - I'm suprised at how well the x1600 performs though.

So you're working on your own house right now?
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But its dev is not my house.
I'll make photo and compared photo with my renders soon.
iXneonXi's avatar
Please let me know in the description, ky?
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