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Wrex and Ashley Family

By Rossilyn
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For the lovely and patient  PKBitchGirl

Requested some a family for Wrex and Ashley with a human baby! Took a whilte to get this done but it was fun to add to my collection of ME3 family arts.
Here's a link to my Tumblr post for it. Please reblog from there:…
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^///^ OMG Never considered this, but love it!! :)

Awww. Baby :D
NeyMarlon's avatar
OMG! I thought I was the only one shipped these two!
They would make an awesome couple!>W< One of my secret Mass Effect OTPs!;)
SHIP icon It's my OTP icon 
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I always imagined it would be garrus that ashley would hook up with, but I never imagined wrex would work.
lisidemon's avatar
daddy Wrex , how cuute ! :3
garrus368's avatar
I always thought they were a good match :) there will be more?
fugimoto's avatar
oh the humanity! lol this is sooo cool! =D
Skullclown19's avatar
I would have loved the krogan romance if they had made one!!!😤
1124eddie's avatar
How long was the idea of a "Krogan Romance" been on the brains of so many fans of the Mass Effect games? Is it because both Wrex and Grunt are too big to satisfy none of the other woman due to their size? Please explain this to me.
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I imagine that Wrex would be the best Dad.
nightchildmoonchild's avatar
Where has this been all my life?
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Nice drawing. And to anyone who thinks that's impossible I suggest to watch elevator conversations between all squadmates in ME1 and read the Wikipedia about the role of gunnery sergeant in marine corps. It may open their eyes a bit.
leonkaonka's avatar
Why Shepard can be with krogan?! I love krogans they're so hmm... beautiful and strange. :D
PKBitchGirl's avatar
This is not Shepard though
leonkaonka's avatar
But I just want romance with krogan in ME, but it's too late. :(
PKBitchGirl's avatar
Mass Effect 4 is coming out
leonkaonka's avatar
Yes, but it I don't know if I'll play ME:4. I love Trilogy ME, not another ME.
Petitspas's avatar
I'd love seeing Ashley getting over her racist attitude. XD Anyway, adorable fanart.^^
cartoonking1's avatar
She was not so much "racist" as she was unsure around aliens. But this is adorable :D
Petitspas's avatar
lol Well, in ME1 when you're in a relationship with Liara Ashley is getting rather insultive. 
Endrius333's avatar
Don't forget that Liara's mother played big role in slaughtering all of Ashley's friends on Eden Prime. For me it was a main reason for initial dislike. But it's Ashley to suggest you to take Liara to Noveria and after mission its she who sends you to talk to Liara.
Petitspas's avatar
I think her "racist" side is older than that (though I can be wrong) and the second thing depends entirely of your own gender, so I don't really count it when Kaidan/Ashley are copying each other, I prefer staying on their differences.
cartoonking1's avatar
This is true but I think any woman would call the woman who is dating the guy you want nasty things ;p
Petitspas's avatar
No, not any.--" (I find that quite pathetic) And it's not like she isn't xenophobish when you aren't with Liara. Ashley is a nice girl, but whenever aliens are considered she quickly makes me wanna strangle her.
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