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WIP FemShep and Legion

By Rossilyn
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Always wanted this to be a legit couple! T__T started this a couple months ago and now I need to find new inspiration to finish this.

This kinda was just an alternate Rannoch battle scenario.  

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I miss legion!
"Does this unit have a soul"
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aAAAHH Legion!
Oh my this is looking gorgeous so far! I love the way the colours and shading are looking, it goes really well with the scene!
But gosh this is really adorable, the whole feel of it is so comforting and gentle!
Can't wait to see this finished!
this is like my fav couple omg <333
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:iconilavplz: *squeeeeeeeeeee*
M'cousin 'n' I always discuss'd 'bout stuff like "What 'bout a Legion Romance?" 'n' we were really sad that it wasn't possible ingame. :iconfuuuplz: M'cousin even said that Legion's the only decent guy in ME 2 'n' then you can't romance him. But well...Garrus wasn't romanceable in ME 1 either sooooo maybe, if there'll ever be a ME 4 there'll be a romanceable Geth char. Who knows?
Look'n forward to see the finish'd pic 'n' I hope that there'll be MOAR of pics like this. Me likes this pairin'. :iconhurrplz:
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...please finish this. Please.
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I will as soon as I get inspired! I promise to not leave it as a wip.
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Well, I can see it might be very hard pulling off a romance story with an AI. But damn it, I am already shipping it!!! :w00t:

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Hard but so rewarding! Glad that you are joining the ship!
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Can't say I ship them but you are managing to make me get pretty close to doing so. It looks so brilliant! Fantastic! Love the colors and the expressions and just everything about this piece of art!
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Thank you so much! Maybe the finished pic will make you into a full shipper lol
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Haha, maybe so x]
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This is going to be epic, as all of your pictures are! :iconamgplz:

OMG WHAT, you wanted this to be a couple too!? *epic high fives* :iconhandspazzplz:
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Who wouldn't want to romance legion? He's just so dang adorable!
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