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Fenris + Hawke Almost Kisses

By Rossilyn
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SO...the Citadel DLC has me in a bioware loving mood. Which made me realize that I hadn't drawn any Dragon Age fanart.
Thus almost kisses with the lovable broody elf :3 No matter how many times I play DA2 and I tell myself to romance someone else I always end up with Fenris. It's that damnable voice I tell you! Almost as bad as Garrus.

I'll probably end up reworking this. Not too happy with some of the skin/anatomy, but overall I am satisfied.
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Oh wow ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Gorgeous! I love Fenris' expression here. 
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Love this!  I have the same problem with DA2.  Even tried going with a male Hawke for Merrill...  Nope.  Fenris wins.  Every time.
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You are just like me. Fenris and Garrus are just babes you can't escape them UGH 
You are making me want to draw some Fenris and Hawke pictures.
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omg this is incredible 0.0
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This is amazing ! ♥
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I love the dynamic you've got going on here, and wow, that glowy hand!
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Love how intimate and passionate this is
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I'm the same way with Zevran and Fenris and while I have not yet completed it yet I'm pretty sure I'll go down the same path with Solas (unless I actually manage to pull myself away from playing an elf ;) )
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This is beautiful. (:
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OMGICAN'T :iconicantplz: You're an amazing artist!
I REALLY want these games!!!
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Its Hot  This is awesome!
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*heavy breathing*
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I agree; Fenris all the way!!!!!
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I also found myself constantly ending up with Fenris in the game lol ^^ it really is that voice. I mean come on he's not just Fenris but Balthier in FF12 exactly what woman is not going to go after that? Besides Fenris is cooler than Anders ^^ also there is just something about Anders and his intensity when it comes to Hawke that is really off putting for me. I don't know he just seems too obsessed with you. Then there's also Justice being in his head and his losing control thing overall I just like Fenris way more. 
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I cant get enough of this piece, it's sooo sensual and loving. Fenris looks so good, makes me want to kiss those lips :D truly amazing work!!
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Holly maker,this looks perfect. Can't imagine how long it takes to do this >.<
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Hi, I really love this piece and was wondering if I could share this piece on my Tumblr? If so, I would also like to share your Deviant page link as well.
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Your use of light and color are breathtaking as always.  What you said about always romancing Fenris is so true.  That voice.  Hot damn.  I just *cannot* bring myself to go for anyone else. I don't know anyone who can.
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