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Commission: Adopting Family

By Rossilyn
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Commission for :iconphiyade:

Requested a picture like my family portraits of Garrus/shep but with thane, her Shep, and an adopted baby drell :3

Drawing Thane for the first time proved to be challenging and I think I redrew him a good 5 times before I was satisfied. My roommate kept on going "Make his lips more pouty....hmmm how about a bit bigger?" lol

If you want to repost on tumblr please repost form here: [link]

Thank you!
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You gotta love that baby and kiss every inch of that baby fat! >w<

You did an excellent job on this piece.  I just love the adoration in both parents' eyes. 

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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ADORABLE!!!!! <3
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Amazing and perfect and omg the hanar plushie is so dang perfect!!! I love it and in my cannon Thane will be cured, always so that he can have a family with Shep
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I love the subtle happiness in Thane's face. How pleasant... and how very Thane. :)
Nice job.
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Koylat has a younger step brother now. He'd problably be happy.
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This is cute, I love the Hannar plushie
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awwwww! So adorable
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<3 the baby's big belly and Hanar teddy. Sssssssuch a cutie!!
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I think my favorite part of this image is the plushy hanar doll. That just makes me lol
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aw baby drekk! and I want that toy hanar its frickin adorabel
Meeoko's avatar
Oh my God, it's so adorable!!!!

No idea whether Fem.Shep could birth a Drell, but I SO wish it happened in the game! Damn you Thane and your mortality! :cry:
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I love the hanar doll. So adorable! If only... if only.
PureLightHealer's avatar
UGH. it's SO CUTE.
neptune-blues's avatar
Gorgeous picture! I now really want Bioware to come out with little hanar plushes xD
MsCuddlezBunnie's avatar
Thane came marvelously <3
ShirayukiOuji's avatar
Awwwww. I love this series! Loved the Garrus one, too.
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OMFG A STUFFED HANNAR DOLL THING adjkasfkadgfasd. notice how the adopted baby looks just like thane :P
IamDragonandalsoMina's avatar
STUFFED HANAR DOLL asdafjligjkqrhag :squee:
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Awwww so cute!!! And I think Thane's lips turned out great! I want a Hanar stuffie :D
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aaaaah.. OMG so cute xD
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