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I draw and make Videos!

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Hi! I'm Ross,

My official Store and Site is now LIVE! :happybounce: 


This is my Patreon ! Where you can help support what I do and get exclusive content!

(Video Demos, PSDs, Processes and more!) 

Here are some of my episodes I made! Feel free to check them out :) 

PowerPuff Witches : YouTube! by rossdraws Maleficent : YouTube! by rossdraws Witch Girl : YouTube! by rossdraws Peach Daisy and Rosalina : YouTube! by rossdraws Red Leaves: YouTube by rossdraws Lilo and Stitch : YouTube by rossdrawsTEEN TITANS : YouTube! by rossdraws  Power Puff Girls : YouTube! by rossdraws Ariel : YouTube! by rossdraws AZULA : YouTube! by rossdraws KATARA YouTube! by rossdraws TOPH : YouTube! by rossdraws KORRA!!: YouTUBE! by rossdraws Daenerys and Dragon : YouTube! by rossdraws MERCY : YouTube! by rossdraws Wonder Woman : YouTube!! by rossdraws Totoro : YouTube! by rossdraws Leaf Lady : YouTube! by rossdraws Beauty and the Beast : YouTube! by rossdraws Princess Mononoke: YouTube! by rossdraws  Sombra - YOUTUBE! by rossdraws MOANA - YouTube! :) by rossdraws JINX! : YouTube! by rossdraws Mei : YouTube! by rossdraws Rey : YouTube! by rossdraws Widomaker : YouTube! by rossdraws Harley Quinn :YOUTUBE! by rossdraws SPIRITED AWAY! : YouTUbe by rossdraws Ross and Milo : YOUTUBE! by rossdrawsEpic MULAN!: YouTube by rossdraws  Jinx and Vi! : YouTube by rossdraws JINX! : YouTube! by rossdraws Hermione!!! : Youtube by rossdraws AZULA! : YouTube by rossdraws ELSA!! : Youtube by rossdraws Tangled / Rapunzel : YouTUBE! by rossdrawsNIDALEE : Youtube! by rossdraws Drawing Ms Pudding!: YOUTUBE by rossdraws Daenerys Targaryen: YOUTUBE! by rossdraws

Thank you so much for watching and HAPPY COLOR DODGING!>

Hello, and Welcome!

Thanks so much for all the love and support, Thought it was time to make a Pinned Hub for who I am and What I do!

Wavesss by rossdraws

My latest Episode!: 

Hi! I'm Ross,

I draw and make videos!

This is my Patreon ! Where you can help support what I do and get exclusive content!

(Video Demos, PSDs, Processes and more!) 

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Here are some of my episodes I made! Feel free to check them out :)

KORRA!!: YouTUBE! by rossdraws Princess Mononoke: YouTube! by rossdraws Adventure Time + One Punch Man! : YOUTUBE by rossdraws IFX COVER! : YouTube by rossdraws Hermione!!! : Youtube by rossdrawsZYRA! : YouTube by rossdraws NIMA BIRTHDAY EPISODE! : YouTube by rossdraws AZULA! : YouTube by rossdraws NIMA : YouTube!! by rossdraws ELSA!! : Youtube by rossdraws FURIOSA! : YouTube by rossdraws NIDALEE : Youtube! by rossdraws Drawing Ms Pudding!: YOUTUBE by rossdraws
Gabriel and Nima (COLLAB!) YouTube! by rossdrawsDaenerys Targaryen: YOUTUBE! by rossdraws

Thank you so much for watching and HAPPY COLOR DODGING!

Hey guys! Been trying to put this for together for quite some time, hope you enjoy it.

Also, a lot of you are messaging me about prints, so I also set up a print shop!…

Hey guys! If you guys are on tumblr................................................yeah!
Sorry for the lack of activity everyone! I sometimes forget about DA, I usually upload sketches and bogus on Tumblr, but I'll treat DA more of a sketchblog as well. I always feel that DA is more of a 'finished gallery' place, but yeah.

INTERN SHOW IS COMING UP, THIS SUNDAY, I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDDD, Professional Attire, big people coming in, and all that jazz!

I"ll update a TONLOAD very soon, sorry guys!
Intern show was one of the greatest experiences of my life
So many famous people came to the show and it was a GORGEOUS show,
Such top notch quality work from everybody

i was somewhat sad i didn't have much to show, a majority of stuff was basically from my
Design process 2 class, which is basically an animated feature project development..

can't wait for summer and next year...
It's going to be much different... probably75% Live action stuff+Mech
and the rest would be  animation style.

I've uploaded a lot, and been learning lots

The snow queen project is still in the works until the term ends, which is in a few weeks, so check my blog for some updates

I've revamped the blog a bit for the intern show!
check it out!

Thanks everybody

+++ ALSO; i took many works off the DA, if there was one that you liked, send me a note and i'll gave you the file..
But i took it down for a reason :P
One of my favorite artist.. and designer has recently passed away,

I'll miss you man, you're an inspiration

RIP Clement

I hope you're making noobs cry up there! :)

Love you buddy
Just got accepted into the Entertainment Design Program at Art Center,
pretty freaking exciting, Congratulations to the other 19 people entering fall!

You can view my portfolio here :
Going to wipe the blog and start fresh soon.

so excited for sleepless nights and 50 Hours of homework a week<3

Goodluck to everyone, hope they get in where they want to go!
This Book is fcking amazing! everybody should get it!
Concepts and illustrations are beautiful,

Been studying a bit Craig Mullins with Dile, Trying to part away from rendering so much and more of speed painting and giving the message accurately.

Btw craig Mullins updated his Site with lots more eyecandy!
Those brush strokes are to die for!

btw, my steampunk goggles just came in!
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I wantttt similar colors! Brands? Places?

Oh yeah right art.. uh.... I NOW WORK AS LEAD CONCEPT ARTIST @ BLIZZARD ARE YOU HAPPY WITH MY PROGRESSION YET? Nah, im improving a lot though ;)

Not doing much finished stuff so i can't update, im usually on livestream painting Environments/interiors/color with dile and learning lots!<3 Also usually on vent with the kids listening to their wonderful conversations about crap!

*Hearing Oki singing with his guitar at the moment, and its good!*

Upcoming dates:
MID October: Start Portfolio
November: Birthday :)
December: Australia for 2 weeks D:
January: nothing?
Mid February: Finish portfolio + turn in
March-April: Cross all my fingers hoping i get accepted!

I want to move out of this damn city so badly! Start fresh, new life!
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HAI GUYZ lol1olO!l11oL!!l1O!L!1oL!
ahah i put all the old art away. Sorry if you liked them.. but im sure no one did. It's time for a new beginning :D. A lot of my young artsy friends are practicing hardcore now.. And since its summer i shall do the same. 5 MORE MONTHS UNTIL I START MY ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN PORTFOLIO GAHHHHHH, the competition is getting tough out there!

I'm very very grateful and lucky to be attending art college in 2010 because when i graduate around 2014/2015, by then the New-Gen consoles are out and.. more games = NEED MORE ARTISTS WOOTT. My friend Justin told me that to lift up my spirits. I was slacking off a lot downloading movies and eating like a fat lard.. then justin convinced me to get off my ass :D..

Classes @ AAU starts next week.
Classes im taking:

Product design
Figure Drawing
Motorcycle/car Design
Digital Illustration

I hope to please Scott with perspective and cars and stuff to higher my chances of getting in entertainment design :D

ALSO ALSO ALSO BEST WISHES TO :iconxxdynoxx: ON HIS EXAMS! THEN HES OFF TO SHERIDAN COLLEGE :D, GOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCCCCCCCCK, have fun and own the dam industry when you get out and we can be best buddies :D

Practice practice study study be motivated and it will pay off.. trust me..
One of my friend :iconalgenpfleger: inspires me to the bone.. in one year he turned his art 1187342 Degrees. He studied and practice every single day.. its about to pay off hannes :D

AND HORRRRRAY my senior classes are going to be SO EASY ! = more time to draw GRWAR :D


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hey! Im back, i know as usual, not very active, im actually saving up for May's sketchdump.. haha its going to be more colored pieces .. but still sketches!, I can't wait to put it together,  " well why dont you just put it together right now?" WELL its not the end of may yet dummy! Excited because im improving, omfg, when you see this sketch dump, you'll know im serious about this improving thing, People say that i improved to an obscene degree! Zomg motivation motivation motivation. This week alone was probably around 30-40 hours, no life :D, Techno keeps me company!

few posts on my sketchbook @

" What an improvment from first page to the 4th.!
You'r keeping it up great!
I love seeing improvments with practice, guys like you motivates me "

"your improvement is like wtf?!
Really great work"

"yea man
you're really sprinting on the right track.
keep it up"

"sick progression man  I hope i can pick the momentum up and improve as much as you do..! incredible =)"

So anyways.. the videos, Just wanted to share this vid with you guys. Proceeds go to a good cause and it has four character concepts being created from scratch. If you are doing digital painting or concept art, the video can help you a lot, especially if you are trying to understand how to increase your range of style or want to see how that is done.…

The ones to start with are the latest out:

ZhangLu and Jason Manley Digital Painting: Female Portraits…

Chan Man's Style Exploration:…

El Coro 3d for Previs (great for 3d sites...same as kemp's):…

Gary Kelley: Fine Art Oil Painting -… (awesome for fine art sites to target)
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Don't want to spend your precious time reading? its k!

Hi watchers, Sorry i haven't been active.

I just thought about it one day around 2 months ago.. What am i going to do when i grow up. I don't like anything dealing with punching in numbers, or law or medicine or whatever. Then it hits me, i have a passion for art. I just love the idea to create, design, and illustrate for a living. Doing what you love for a living. Then i thought to myself again, " are you even good enough? " <-- then that hits me like a hurricane.

I then realize I always drew stuff that I'm used to. I never drew anything i didn't like drawing or i can't do. So basically i kept drawing the same things that i thought i better at. I completely avoided the hard stuff to me, even though i wanted to draw it so badly, like vehicles, environments, architecture... etc. I drew one thing my whole life, anime girls. I never studied any muscle, color, or anatomy ever in my life. I also completely avoided drawing guys because i didn't know how the anatomy works.. I would draw a guy... erase it because of dissatisfaction.. and then draw a girl.

I then joined and lurked around there for a while. I then posted a thread asking about what's the right art college for me with following links to illustrations and concepts i was into. They gave me plenty of replies. I was looking through schools like Parsons, Pratt, SCAD, Sheridan, AAU, and bunch of other schools, but i felt they didn't fit ME.

I then stumbled upon Art Center located in Pasadena near Los Angeles. After countless hours of research, i realized, this is my art college and this is the only art school I'm ever going to. They had the "Entertainment Design" Program and i felt like it was a perfect fit for me. Its basically industrial design + illustration put together. Everything from environments, vehicles, characters, architecture, etc. And the head of the department is Scott Robertson, one of the best! Also located by major game and entertainment film companies so in the summer, they come in and grab you for INTERNSHIPS ZOMG. The average age people attend is 20-23. Also the tuition is heavy, averaging around 245k in tuition alone. I realized this isn't going easy. I knew i had to put in the time and commitment if i want to attend this school.

From that day on, which has been 3 weeks. I've been studying anatomy, drawing like crazy, tried environments, vehicles, architecture, rendering for countless hours. A month has passed since my studies. I realized, I'm progressing a whole bunch! I challenged on difficult poses, and actually knowing how to draw a decent male form. I try to draw every time i get a chance. But i won't post anything on deviant art until i say its worthy enough to be on deviant art. Ahah :), I've got to put everything I've got to attend this school.

Then i found :iconpseudocognition: On deviant art. She was 17 when i discovered her, I think shes 18 now. Her work is highly advanced for a high school senior. She got accepted for the Entertainment Design program at Art Center for fall 2009. And her portfolio was highly professional. This makes me even more motivated. I have until March 1st, 2010 to turn in my portfolio. Until then, I'm going to work my ass off reaching to the level required to being accepted for that program, at that school.

I really thank and appreciate it for reading this LONG AND BORING journal entry, but its an idea what I'm going through. Thanks again! I still wished i realized this A LONG time ago. I'll still keep my ugly deviantart submissions here so i can laugh at how bad i was before.

"Don't let your dreams be dreams"
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Hey there, well this is my first journal entry.. don't worry its not bullshit.

So anyways...
If i don't post for a while, don't think i'm dead!

Here is my blog where i post 3-5 times a week.
It shows how my mind works, My WIPs, Random sketches + doodles in class, And Wassup in general!

Have a nice day!

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