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Tracer and Emily : YOUTUBE!

Hey guys!! Hope you had an amazing week full of love :) I wanted to make a special piece/episode so I hope you all enjoy it! Love can come from anywhere, keep an open mind and an open heart <3


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:love: :love: :love: Beautifully well done.

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Even watching the video of this artwork on YouTube, I felt like saying: this couple looks very-very-very-very much alike with an old Russian pop music duet named T.a.t.U. There were two girls positioning themselves as a lesbian couple, singing kinda provocative songs for 2000s Russia. Google them if you like :-)

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Love Tracer and her boo

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Such a cute couple.
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This piece is special to me, i've seen it elsewhere and loved it.. awesome to finally see its source <3
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Absolutely gorgeous!!
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I found a sexy picture of Tracer and Widowmaker. As hot as it was, it didn't make a lot of sense because they're enemies. For this reason, I wanted to see a sexy picture of Tracer and Emily and you did not disappoint.
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Looks like t.A.T.u.
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This is the cutest <3 The warm light gives an awesome vibe to the piece!
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I have no words for how happy and fuzzy this makes me feel 😍
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What's going on here girls??? Lol
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I'm in lesbians with this picture.
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Are they from the game Overwatch?
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Tracer is, Emily is not.
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Accually it's not a crossover or anything, Emily only appeared in the comics.
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